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Sinus Infections, Fuzzy Brains and Antibiotics

I’ve got a crazy head-cold-turned-sinus-infection that’s really kicking me in the rear end at the moment. I’ve been sick for over three weeks and the pain in my head and face is getting progressively worse.

Talk about irony….I realized today it is Saturday and I won’t be able to get in to see my doctor until at least Wednesday because I’ll be in a hospital full of doctors all day Monday and Tuesday.

So I dragged myself the an Walk-In Clinic associated with our doctor’s office. It was handy,  because they had all of my medical records in their system. I waited an hour and a half to see the doctor (not bad for a Saturday afternoon) and after a peek in my ears, nose and mouth, she wrote me a prescription for antibiotics. But not before asked if I was allergic to  them.

“Oh,” she answered. “I wondered because there is no record here of you taking them. Ever”. 

We’ve been at this doctor’s office for ten years and I’ve never needed them in all that time. Go me! In fact, unless I’m forgetting something, I haven’t taken them since 1995 when the two different doctors at three different visits refused to test me for malaria and instead gave me progressively stronger antibiotics. That went on for a couple of weeks until I ended up in the ER with a temperature of 106.7 and the ER doc decided to test for malaria. And it was positive. Surprise, surprise.

But I digress.

I did begin to wonder just what was written in my record though, when the doctor seemed very concerned about my mental health. And referred to my “busy” life at least four times. And wondered how I was holding up under the pressure (and I don’t think she meant sinus pressure). Keep in mind, I’ve never seen her before and we only discussed my current state of bacterial misery.

I assured her I was fine and mentioned I only came in on a Saturday since I didn’t think I could manage the pain until Wednesday explaining that I’d be at the hospital with my son on Monday and Tuesday.

“Oh, what is your son having done?” she asked.

And I couldn’t remember. For real.

Then again, I’ve made sixteen trips to Children’s already this year for who knows how many appointments and procedures, and my head was rather fuzzy from sickness and cold medicine. Hence the visit in the first place.

I did manage to remember it was to swap his PEG for a mic-key and told her so.

And now I’m home, with a bottle of antibiotics.

And, I hope, some relief.


  1. Michele P

    As I am home this morning with a random case of vertigo, my heart is so heavy for you! I pray that you are feeling better- so hard to take care of everyone else when you are out of commission! I also am praying this morning that the Lord leads you to the perfect doctor for A and that they can make progress with him. You are an amazing mom- God knew what He was doing when he blessed you with that cute pirate! 😉

  2. Kelly

    This is going to seem like a random comment, and I don’t want to go into all of the reasons behind this recommendation on a public place like this due to wanting to protect my own privacy, if you wish to email me I can tell you some more about why I give the recommendation.

    Try university of cincinnatti children’s hospital. They will do this thing that actually looks at the whole patient not just their individual problems. They will sit down with every single physician involved in the child’s care and everyone will meet together, with the parent’s present to determine what needs to be done for the child.

    Many consider it one of the best programs in the country. Also whatever you do try to schedule his surgery before may/end of june, it’s when all of the residents around the entire country turn over and whether or not they’d be involved with his care the hospital is just more stressed out during July and August as a result.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thank you for your comment. I will definitely consider this if we don’t get anywhere with the three hospitals we are pursuing right now.

      • Emily

        Cincinnati Children’s Hospical Medical Center is reputed to be an excellent hospital. It is not, however, as Kelly implied, affiliated with the University of Cincinnati. Just in case that caused confusion for you. I used to work there.

        Also, I live in Cincinnati and if you should end up coming here, I’d be more than happy to offer accomodations.

  3. Jo

    I had a horrible migraine yesterday and was completely fuzzy and useless the whole day! That was only 1 day, I am sorry for your 3 wk sinus pain, thats just miserable! I hope that it is cleared up quickly. I really hate bad headaches.The fuzzy is total understandable considering just a sinus infection not even counting all the things you guys have going on! You have been so busy and probably overwhelmed. Keep praying, and we will all pray for you. God will be with you and will support your soul.

  4. Erin

    Did she give you one or two courses of antibiotics? As a sinus infection sufferer, I don’t think I’ve ever cleared it with just one. The first time I got one my doctor automatically gave me a repeat as he said they usually take at least two courses to clear. I find by the end of the first course it’s mostly gone, but still lingers. The second course gets rid of it completely.

    I guess just a heads up so you’re not surprised if it does go that way. That being said, I’m in Australia, so it may be completely different over there. Hope it clears up quickly for you though.

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