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Snow {2014}

IMG_8457 blog

Here is proof that we did indeed get a foot of snow here. Thankfully the weather has warmed up so it is melting rapidly. Hopefully school will be back in session tomorrow. Our little homeschool has taken off for the snow as well, so I’m ready for the kids to hit the books again. IMG_8418 blog

But just look at that smile! So worth a couple of days off of school.

We have an amazing sledding hill in our backyard. One of the advantages of living in a valley. IMG_8534 blogIMG_8536 blog

Apollo still has pink eye and a low-grade fever, but that didn’t stop him from playing outside and enjoying the snow.



  1. jessilee82

    Was going to try to order to help out but it says it can’t find a show with your name as host? Am I doing something wrong? lol I thought fill in the blank would be full proof 🙂

  2. Melpub

    Hey, with all that snow, have you tried that Laura Ingalls Wilder recipe–a bowl of snow with maple syrup?
    Always wanted to do that. NYC snow is slushy and icky; we’ve had no snow at all here in Deutschland, so I like to see other people really enjoying their snow.

  3. Suzanne

    Here’s a little tip for Apollo’s pink eye. I grew up in a fairly large family and when someone got pink eye we seemed to all pass it around to each other. I had it a lot as a kid. Our pediatrician told my mom to put Neosporin in our eyes–sounds weird, I know….but it worked! She’d dab some Neosporin in the corner of our eye and the pink eye would go away quickly. I haven’t tried it with my own kids because they’ve never had pink eye, but maybe worth a try? Anyways, just thought I’d pass it along.

  4. mindyrenee

    I placed an order for Pampered Chef on the site under Renee but haven’t heard anything about it. It mentioned the order isn’t technically submitted until the hostess contacts me? I did put in credit card info. Please let me know 🙂

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