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LessonFace Review: Music Lessons At Home

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I posted last summer about Tilly saving her babysitting money to buy a guitar. So far she has been dependent on books and YouTube videos to learn the basics of the guitar. This isn’t a totally bad thing. The Beatles were all self-taught after all. I will say though, music lessons are a good thing. A useful thing.

And convenient. Especially when they happen in my own home. lessonface, lessonface review, music lessons, online music lessons

Lesson Face is a really cool site that offers music lessons over the computer. It is so simple. You go to the Lesson Face site and choose your teacher. They offer teachers for dozens of musical instruments. The price per lessons generally runs $30-$45 per half hour. I know from my friends this is comparable to what they pay for music lessons. Tilly was given two free lessons in exchange for this review.  Her teacher, October Crifasi, was right on time, friendly and patient. After the lesson, she sent an email with lead sheets for Tilly to learn and gave her homework for practice. Her is what Tilly said:

“I took two lessons on LessonFace with October. We went over the very basics of guitar and some finger exercises, then we began learning the chords and a couple of songs that use only a few chords. It was really great and helpful!”

I can tell you that I was completely satisfied with the lessons. It is easy to log on to the site and schedule your lesson. If we end up doing regular music lessons in the future (and I really hope we do) I will be using LessonFace.

And so can you!



  1. Liz

    This seems really cool. I wonder how learning the guitar translates over the laptop. I personally need someone with me showing me. I wish I could learn to knit this way. I can’t though. It will be great if Tilly can benefit from lessons this way.

  2. Maddy

    Tilly seems like she could really do well from this, I know some people have a harder time learning things themselves but Tilly is dedicated it seems.

  3. Angela Maddox

    How neat is that I have two kids very interested in music lessons but time and location have been an issue. What a neat idea!

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