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Snow Day {2014}

Ah, I just returned home from a fabulous weekend away with some of my favorite ladies; ladies I only get to see every year or two. I didn’t cook a meal or clean up a single kid-mess. I drank coffee and knit and talked. I had no cell phone reception, so the internet was gone. I began reading an amazing new memoir (I’ll post about it when I finish it). The weekend was a complete surprise and pulled off very last-minute. I had no idea how much I needed the weekend until I was there. I had a good, long refreshing break in New Zealand. But this weekend was chock full of encouragement in mothering and raising my family. It was so good. So good.IMG_8376 blog

Last night I returned home to a vomiting husband, a three-year-old with pink eye, a foot of snow and no coffee. In fact, my friend Tami who was driving couldn’t make it all the way to my house on our road, so I ended up walking the last quarter of a mile. Uphill. In the snow.

No, really, I did. 

And I have  a picture to prove it:


Thankfully, I had three strong  teens meet me to help carry my stuff.

School was cancelled today and Chuck’s work as well.IMG_8368 blog

Today, I sit safely at home. The wood stove is making my house toasty and comfortable. Pieces of snow clothing (only brought out a few times per winter) are strewn from one end of my house to the other. My dining room counter is covered with clutter. The Laundry Fairy (according to my husband) failed to visit while I was gone. The kitchen is cleaned up to Kid Standard…not Mom Standard. I have no plan for dinner.IMG_8365 blog

Kids are playing outside. Cheeks rosy, noses running. Enoch is shoveling the driveway and Judah lies in bed, a bit under the weather. I’ve taken the obligatory snow pictures.

IMG_8387 blog

It’s been a long day. But a long day together.


IMG_8391 blog


While watching a movie with my teens last night, I paused it and turned to correct one my teenage boys. “Look, Son” I said. “You were in a tit when I left on Friday”. Only I meant to say, “tiff” of “fit” or something meaning he had a bad attitude. Let’s just say we all laughed so hard and for so long, no more lecturing was needed.

And sometimes life is like that. Awkward and funny and irreverent. At least in our home, and I kind of hope in your home too.




  1. motherwildflower

    Actually sounds like a perfect day to me!
    Your kids look so happy and I am sure cheese on toast suffices as an adequate dinner option.We are in Australia and don’t get snow in our parts but I do love a good rainy winter day spent inside reading and hanging out with my kids.
    🙂 Happy SNOW DAY!

  2. Melpub

    Ah! A break for the mom! How you deserve it. And I remember the time I went to New York, i.e. home for a few days . . . alone . . . and when I came home, a week’s worth of school snackboxes had been abandoned in interesting places . . a few were found growing mold in interesting places. . .

  3. ramblingtart

    Marie introduced me to your blog this week and I’m so glad she did. 🙂 I’m laughing so hard about the “tit” comment. 🙂 I love moments like that. So glad you’re home safe and sound with your loves – even with the mountains of laundry and no dinner plans. 🙂

  4. Heather@ To Sow a Seed

    No snow down here… But the same feeling of refreshment, even after just one day. Thanks for being part of making me feel like not quite an alien this weekend. I often wonder if I’m living on the same planet as everyone else. You made me feel *normal* … But then again, I laughed at the “tit” comment. 🙂

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