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It’s Summer and the Living is Easy (unless, of course, you live in my house)

Smile, my friends, it’s summer and the living is easy. Unless, of course, you live in my house, in which case nothing is ever easy.

Except slicing watermelon. This summer I figured out the quickest, easiest way to slice watermelon. It’s kind of hard to explain, so maybe I’ll do a video or photos at some point. The point is, I no longer dread slicing watermelon. Go me. Is there a sticker for that?

While I was taking these fun photos of Jubilee eating watermelon…

Frodo the dog sneaking off to eat watermelon.

Frodo snuck off with a piece…and then tried to pretend like he hadn’t. Just look at the guilt on his face in that top photo. It’s like he was trying to convince me that he found a piece of Wild Sliced Watermelon in our yard and picked it himself.

Bad dog, Frodo, bad dog!

We finally have our new Intex pool up.

We finally got our Intex pool put up a couple of weeks ago. We had to buy a new one this year, despite winterizing our old one. Frodo, it seems, thought the inflatable ring made a great chew toy. Turns out it doesn’t. At all.

We had to stick with a 12′ pool because we put in a sturdy foundation a few years back. You can click here to see our YouTube video on how we did it. The kids like this pool a lot more than the inflatable one because while they both had 12′ perimeters on the bottom, the inflatable one had less surface area on top to actually swim in.

Mordecai's kitten Esme.

This is Mordecai’s kitten, Esme. We keep cats around our place as rodent control, not as pets…but the kids are always claiming them anyway. Hopefully, this sweet girl will end up being a cuddly companion for Mordecai.

Judah bought his first car, cash, at age 20

Judah is the proud owner of his first car at the age of 20 (he has since turned 21). He purchased this with cash, after paying off his student loans.

Enoch is an ambitious young man who has worked to pay his way through college.

Enoch is flagging for the summer, saving money for college. Enoch took the flagger’s certification course in January, as soon as he turned 18. Following in Judah’s footsteps, he is working as hard as he can for his college education. Because after all, the best way to get out of debt, is not to get there in the first place.


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