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How to Winterize Your Intex Pool {Large Family Style}

How to Winterize Your Intex Pool: post contains affiliate links, sarcasm, and awesome photos.

Enjoying beautiful sunny, PNW weather in our Intex Easy Set Pool.

I just posted my full review and our method for laying a foundation for our Intex pool (which is now in its second year of use over here). Now I am going to share with you how to winterize your Intex pool large family style.

How to winterize your Intex pool (large family style).

Step One: Buy an Intex Pool.

This one was easy and the price ($68) was certainly right.

Step Two: Recruit the kids and spend an afternoon setting up the pool. You can see how we did it in this video.

Recipe for the perfect beach day.

Step Three: Set up a water play station with all the water play supplies.

Step Four: When the weather turns in the fall, drain the pool.

Step Five: Grab a few kids and transfer the pool onto your grassy front lawn.

Step Six: Scrub out the pool so it is nice and clean.

Step Seven: Attempt to dry the pool in the sun.

Step Eight: Enjoy a week of solid rain.

Step Nine: Attempt to dry the pool in the sun.

Step Ten: Recruit five kids and move under the cover of the carport. Drape it over a ladder so it can dry there.

Step Eleven: Try not to swear when you see your husband has moved the pool out of the carport and back onto the front lawn.

Step Twelve: Watch the rain pour onto the pool.

Step Thirteen: Take your husband’s advice and use towels to dry the pool. Soak 17 towels in an attempt to dry pool and realize that the pool is still wet.

Step Fourteen: Spend three days washing and drying the towels you used on the pool.

Step Fifteen: Watch the rain. Again.

Step 16: Give up entirely. Leave the pool on the front lawn all winter. Be grateful for the fact that it is now a self-serve water dish for your dog. 

Step 17: Take advantage of the first four day weekend in spring, and put the pool up.

Step 18: Let the kids frolic in the pool.

How to winterize your Intex pool (large family style).

I know, you think I am trying to be funny…but this is all true. Our pool lay on our front lawn all winter long and when we put it back up, it was in perfect condition, leak-free. I can almost guarantee that if we have successfully dried, folded and stored it, mice would have found it and chewed holes in. Mice like dark hiding places…not our front lawn.

So there you have it. Lazy, trashy lawn for the win! 

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  1. Barbara

    We had the same 14′ Intex pool for 7 years, which I dutifully set up and tore down every year like a good mama, by myself. Alas the sun finally took its toll on the inflatable ring. It was a happy day for me last fall when I let the girls and 2 friends “take down” the pool. They definitely had more fun doing the job than I did. My sweet husband couldn’t understand what the fuss was about until we bought a new pool this year which was “easier” to set up. But still took the better part of 2 hours, and all four of us working at it. Watching them splash and laugh in our yard is way better than trudging to the city pool, no matter how much sweat and strain is involved. The best summer fun money we’ve ever spent.

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