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Cactus Jack’s Horse Camp

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Wednesday night, four years after first being invited, we finally made it out to Cactus Jack’s Horse Camp. A blog reader emailed me years ago telling me about her families “horse camp”. Every Wednesday in the summer they open up their home, saddle up their horses, and give rides to anyone willing to stand in line. Along with horseback rides, they also had a barbecue and story time with Cactus Jack. It was an amazing evening that my children all loved.horses, large family, large family blog, adoption blogIMG_0461 blog

Apollo got to ride a horse for the first time and he loved it!IMG_0471 blogHezekiah, horses, and a view of Mt. Baker.

horses, large family, adoption, large family blog, cactus jack

Kalina somehow always ends up looking like a model….horses, large family, adoption, large family blog, cactus jacExcept maybe when she’s climbing trees.

horses, large family, adoption, large family blog, cactus jac IMG_0495 blog

One of highlights of the evening for me, was that when we arrived an older man was sitting in a wheelchair…being tube fed! My older kids pointed it out to Apollo right away. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of it, but I loved the fact that he got to see another person being fed. I don’t see Apollo’s tube being gone any time in the near future, so the more “normal” he views it the better.

Thank you, Jodee and family!




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