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Tilly and Jared: Engagement Photos

Tilly and Jared's engagement photos.

Jared is back in New Zealand and Tilly is back to work. Thankfully I was able to fit in engagement photos one morning last week. As  I was uploading these I realized that we would probably recoup every penny I have invested into photography equipment just between senior photos and engagement photos in our large family! 

This image is one of my favorites from the shoot. We live on five (mostly) wooded acres and have so many tiny pockets for photos. This tree is one of my favorites on our property. I don’t take photos there often because the lighting can be a challenge.

And, oh yeah, this particular tree is behind our carport and surrounded by old pipes, ladders, and our pool. Here is a little pull-back shot to let you see exactly where this photo was taken.

Not so magical here, is it?

Jubilee and her friend are in the same spot under the same tree. One thing I have learned over the years is that photography is often in the vision. You have to be able to see past the stark reality in front of you to the beautiful image you have in your mind.

Kind of like my life, now that I think about it…

Tilly and Jared's engagement photos.

Tlly and Jared will be married in August, so both are now back to work and busy with the million details of planning a wedding…across two hemispheres. Like Ben and Adalia, they will be married here and then Tilly will move to New Zealand. Like Ben, Jared is already established in his career (as an accountant) and it wouldn’t make sense for him to move here. I will miss Tilly terribly, but at least I will have two daughters in New Zealand…I will be visiting in November when Adalia has her baby.

Please check out Little Earthling Photography to see more of Tilly and Jared’s engagement photos…and better yet, leave a kind comment!


  1. Paidi Violi

    Congratulations! May you always be in love and steadily united with each other and God 🙂
    (Also, beautiful photos!)

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