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The Summer of Love & Babies

children running through sprinkler in spray park

Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

Uncle Apollo and his nephews playing at the park

I have been blogging since 2006. My children grew up internet famous…being recognized in stores, in college, at jobs as adults, and even in other states. As a result, not all of my children want to remain internet famous and don’t want their children internet famous. I always strive to respect those boundaries, so some things (especially in regard to my grandchildren) will be left vague. I would love to share all of the CUTE photos and stories, but alas, those are not mine to share.

Thanks for understanding.

And here is a little recap of our summer.

Love is in the Air

Young couple kissing in a field

Enoch and Emma celebrated their first anniversary in June.

Making pie with my grandsons

Percy, Monty, and I made my dad a blueberry pie for his birthday.

Hezekiah graduates from WCC Running Start

Hezekiah graduated with his high school diploma and an AA degree from Whatcom Community College. He will be attending Western Washington University full-time this fall majoring in (brace yourself) math.

Babies, Babies, Raining Down

Newborn Silas in hand knits.
Our fourth grandson, Silas

I traveled to Zealand in June for the birth of my grandson, Silas. I was so thankful to be able to meet my granddaughter Juniper and be there to welcome Silas earthside. We had a wonderful few weeks together.

Toddler playing with duplo lego blocks

While I was in New Zealand I bought Abel and Juniper this fun Wild Animals of South America DUPLO set. Because of course, I am going to my buy grandchildren LEGO.

Percy playing with LEGO

Back home in Washington, I have been sharing my love of LEGO with Percy and Monty. Percy (4) put together this LEGO squid with minimal help. The boy is a genius I tell you.

Tie-dye process and finished product

I introduced my grandsons Percy and Monty to the art of tie-dying which has been a mixed blessing. The good? Percy loves tie-dying! The bad? He asks every day…multiple times a day…if we can “dye something”. Sadly, it’s not really a daily activity.

Fixer-Upper Large Family Edition

House renovations

Iris and her family moved in with us (from New Zealand) earlier this year. We have been THRILLED with the addition. However, that also means our house has been in a state of flux/construction/chaos since March. We are making improvements and changes which means as soon as we finish one room/area we tear another one apart. It is all for a good cause but man does it make it impossible to keep the house tidy.

Dad with two sons on an outdoor swing.

Ben, Percy, and Monty chilling in our swing.

Coffee and lego minifigures
Harrison Hot Springs and basset hound puppy

My BFF Hilary got married while I was in New Zealand…but I did get to attend her Bachelorette weekend in Harrison Hot Springs. And hold the cutest basset hound puppies ever...

children running through sprinkler in spray park

We celebrated Judah’s birthday at a spray park with Celeste’s family.

Free hugs baby shirt and hand knit romper

Four days before Judah and Celeste’s wedding, we welcomed another granddaughter into our family (that makes four grandsons and two granddaughters). Sadly, I don’t get to share those photos with you. But in the span of five months, we went from zero grandchildren in the western hemisphere to three living in our house. Our home is filling with diapers and toys and handknits again.

Chuck and I couldn’t be happier about this unexpected change of events.

In August, Judah and Celeste had a beautiful bilingual wedding at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. We loved celebrating the special day with them and combining our large families together.

Percy and Renee

Percy and Monty loved swimming in our pool nearly every day this summer.

Percy on a trampoline

And jumping on the trampoline.

So yes, my friends, it has been a busy summer with family and travel and babies and a wedding. I am hoping now that so many major events are behind us that I will be able to keep up this space a little more.



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