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Apollo’s Surgical Plan August 2014

A lot of people have asked about Apollo’s upcoming surgery. It is complicated, so I decided to write about it here and will hopefully clear things up a bit.

Apollo’s sleep study in May (his third!) finally showed what we have witnessed at  home: undeniable apnea. For whatever reason, his first two sleep studies came out fine or borderline, despite the severe symptoms we were witnessing. This sleep study showed over 50 instances of sleep apnea on a night I would rate as “good” compared to how he sleeps at home. So the plan for Wednesday’s surgery is:

1. A Bronchoscopy will be done to check on Apollo’s airway. This is a fairly common procedure for kids with vascular rings. It will give the doctors an idea of whether his damaged airway (trachea) is improving or not. It is invasive and requires general anesthetic, so doctors don’t like to do it any more than necessary.

2. A Sleep Endoscopy will show the doctor what his airway does during sleep. In the past he has shown laryngomalacia (a floppy larynx). If his larynx is still floppy, the doctor will:

3. Perform a supraglottoplasty and remove the floppy part of the larynx. From watching the videos of Apollo sleeping, his ENT believes his larynx is collapsing into his airway while he sleeps. If this procedure is done, Apollo will need to be intubated overnight and will have a longer recovery time.

4. The doctor will check and see if his adenoids have grown back. These were removed when Apollo was only 21 months old, his first of many surgeries. If any tissue has grown back it will be removed.

5. His tonsils will be removed.

6. The scar tissue around his stoma (the hole where his g-tube is) will be removed.

That’s a whole lot for a four-year old boy, if you ask me. We don’t know his surgery time yet (they will call on Monday). Chuck and I will head down with Apollo on Wednesday morning…he will stay at least overnight, and possibly several days if the doctor does the supraglottoplasty. One of the side effects of a supraglottoplasty is difficulty swallowing which can last a few weeks. Obviously, we hope that doesn’t happen as it would be a huge setback in Apollo’s road to eventually being tube-free, but at least we will still have a way to feed him if that happens.

Please pray for:

Tucker’s anxiety

Safe procedures for Apollo with no complications

That the surgery works (improved sleep/no apnea)

Good pain control. This has been a serious issue with past surgeries.

I will be keeping our Facebook page updated throughout his hospital stay, but won’t have a chance to write here until we are back home.

Thank you for your prayers and support!


  1. Melpub

    You have amazing strength! About adenoids: my daughter’s were removed twice–first, when she was about two, when her snoring was so bad you could hear her down the hall. They grew back and were removed again about a year and a half later. They grew back and the doctor wanted to remove them again and I said “forget it!” I went to our local TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) clinic with is staffed by physicians trained in both Western and Eastern medicine, and a good one–partnered with Beth Israel in New York. They gave her acupuncture and a liquid medicine made out of Chrysanthemum flowers. It worked! I must say, I didn’t expect it to work, but she no longer snores and is now ten and doing fine.
    I wish Tucker the best. Remember, anxious children are often talented–if he could find a way of expressing his feelings in art or music, I believe it would help a great deal.

  2. Jeanne Teed

    I don’t generally comment on the blogs I follow, yours being one of them; however at times like these I think it’s important to step forward to let you know your entire family is in my prayers.

  3. Liz

    I just prayed for each and every thing you requested. It’s so hard…I really do pray there are no complications this time!!! I am praying for Tucker as well as the t00 go you!

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