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Weighted Blanket Review: Mosaic, Sonno Zona, and Huggaroo

weighted blanket review.

Weighted Blanket Review: Mosaic Weighted Blanket, Huggaroo Weighted Blanket

Just a week after getting Apollo’s weighted blanket, I bought myself one as well. I deal with constant fatigue (according to the doctor I’m “fine”) and am the world’s lightest sleeper (is there an award for that?)

Using a weighted blanket is like being wrapped in a hug (for people who like hugs). Or like putting on soft, wool socks in the winter (for people like me).  It is very soothing and I cannot recommend a weighted blanket enough for anyone who struggles with sleep at all.

This weighted blanket review includes the three different types of weighted blankets we have tried.

In our house, we have now tried out three different brands of weighted blankets and I am going to review each one separately.

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Sonno Zona weighted blanket review.

Sonno Zona Weighted Blanket Review

I ordered the twin size for myself in August just a week after I purchased Apollo’s and I am in love. This is by far the best blanket I have ever owned.


Wide selection of weights and sizes.

A wide variety of weights and sizes to choose from. I chose the 15-pound blanket. Its dimensions are 48×72 inches which makes it more or less twin sized.

Removable cover.

This adult-sized weighted blanket comes with a removable cover. This is awesome because when your 8-year-old spills coffee on it and your cat bleeds on it (true story), you can simply remove the cover and wash it.

Washable blanket.

The blanket itself is washable, though I haven’t tried that yet.

Super-soft Minky fabric.

The Minky fabric is so soft. This adds an extra layer of coziness that helps me sleep at night.

Superior bead distribution.

The Sonno Zona weighted blanket has some type of batting in each square which prevents all of the beads from pooling at the bottom of the square. This is important for getting a uniform weight distribution while using the blanket.


At $119 this blanket is well-priced in the weighted blanket market.



I wish this blanket was just a couple of inches longer. I like to pull it up over my shoulders and feel the weight up by my neck. When I have it pulled up that high I have to be careful if I want to keep my feet covered (and keep in mind I’m short).

Some people have wondered if this blanket is too hot. It’s not for me. If I do get hot, I kick my feet out and that cools me off enough to be comfortable.

I give this adult-sized weighted blanket a 5 out of 5 stars.  I really have no complaints about it and it is exactly what I wanted. In fact, I loved it so much I ordered a second, larger sized one, for Mordecai.

Mosaic weighted blanket review.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review

Mordecai has this 15-pound Mosaic weighted blanket. He likes it, but truthfully he likes mine better (and so do I) for a few specific reasons.


The Mosaic weighted blanket offers tons of choices in colors, patterns, and sizes.


Price. The biggest con to me about the Mosaic weighted blanket is the cost. Mordecai’s cost $199 vs my blanket (same size and weight) which was only $119. That is a significant price difference. I might be willing to pay an extra $80 if I thought the product was superior, but sadly, it isn’t.

No outer cover. The Mosaic blanket does not have an outer cover which means if you cat bleeds on it or your son spills coffee (or pees) you are stuck washing the entire blanket. According to the Mosaic website, the blankets up to 12 pounds can be machine washed but you must use a commercial washer for the larger sizes.

Poor Bead Distribution. 

This is my biggest complaint and the real dealbreaker here. It seems to me that the Mosaic weighted blanket has each square filled with beads and nothing else in the square (whereas the Huggaroo and Sonno Zona have some type of batting in with the beads). You can see this in the pictures above. This means that the beads tend to pool at the bottom of each square making them distributed unevenly. This definitely affects the coziness and feel of the blanket.

I am giving the Mosaic weighted blanket 2 out of 5 stars. It’s weighted, you can choose from multiple sizes, weights, and patterns but this is an inferior product to the much cheaper Sonna Zona weighted blanket I bought off of Amazon.

Update on Mosaic Weighted Blanket:

I have since given Mordecai my Sonno Zona blanket and bought myself the slightly larger 20-pound size. We are both happy. We passed his Mosaic blanket onto Jubilee, who gave it to Avi, who decided she didn’t like it either. The main issue is the bead distribution. It simply does not give the same cozy feel as the Sonna Zono blankets. 

Huggaroo Weighted Blanket Review.

Huggaroo Weighted Blanket Review

This is the first weighted blanket I purchased. I bought it for Apollo hoping it would help him sleep better at night. Spoiler alert: it works, he loves it, and it helps him fall asleep and stay asleep.


Washable Cover

The Huggaroo weighted blanket comes with a washable cover which to me is essential in a weighted blanket, especially for one you plan to use for a child.

Good distribution of beads.

This, I would say, is as important as having a washable cover. Without a good distribution of beads, the blanked loses much of its usefulness in applying pressure to the body. It is annoying at best and renders the blanket useless at worst.


I bought this for $89 off of Amazon. Yes, I realized $89 isn’t exactly pocket change, but this is a quality blanket and assuming you are buying this for a child who would benefit from a weighted blanket, it is well worth the price.


I honestly haven’t come up with any cons for this blanket. I am 100% happy with it. When Apollo outgrows it, it will become a lap blanket for reading or watching movies.

I am giving the Huggaroo Weighted blanket 5 out of 5 stars. I have no complaints about this product.

JM Weighted Blanket

The JM weighted blanket is one of the highest quality blankets that we have tried. The squares are the perfect size to distribute the beads in an even and comforting manner. Padding in with the beads means they don’t all pool at the bottom of each square (one of the big cons with the Mosaic blanket).

JM Weighted blanket 15-pounds. This blanket is high quality at a good price.

The JM Weighted blanket comes in two sizes 15 and 20 pounds. Both are great sizes for teens or adults. 

Our JM weighted blanket is a generous twin size (60×80”), meaning an adult can lie under it comfortably and be fully covered (I love to pull mine up over my shoulders and sometimes even ears). 

The seams are well-made and the Minky fabric soft on the JM weighted blanket.

The blanket is made of 100% cotton and comes with a zippered minky cover. 


Great bead distribution

No pooling of beads

Removable cover

Generous size (larger than the 15-pound Sonno Zona blanket)

Price $179-199

I give this blanket a 5 out of 5 stars. It’s perfect. 

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  1. Emily

    Thank you this is a super helpful review. We have a weighted blanket but don’t love it. I would like to get one for my 4 year old so this gives me some ideas of which ones to look at!

    • Renee

      Emily, I am so glad you found this helpful. Reviews are probably the hardest thing I do on this blog. They take a lot of time but I also know we all need to be able to read honest reviews.

  2. James Meredith

    Wished I read this an hour before, when I ordered a Mosaic. I like the fact that they’re made in the US and are female owned. But I was worried about beads sagging in the corners of the squares, as well as not much in the way of fill. That sonna zona is the leader in the clubhouse now. Gonna try for a refund before the other gets shipped out. Thanks for these reviews—glad I found your page.

    • Renee

      I am so glad you found my review helpful. I agree I loved many things about the Mosaic company, but sadly their product does not work as well as Sonna Zona. I hope you were able to get your refund.

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