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100 Things to Know About the Human Body & Free Printables

This copy of the book was sent to me for review purposes. I have received no compensation for this post.

100 Things to Know About the Human Body review

Did you know that the language you speak affects the way you sneeze?

…that more than half of your body is made up of oxygen?

….humans can hold their breath for twenty minutes?

You would know all this and more if you owned 100 Things to Know About the Human Body. This entertaining book is full of bold colors, engaging illustrations, and fun facts about the human body. I have learned a ton from this book and I am 45 years old.

100 Things to Know About the Human Body

Very few kids will be able to resist this book. Full of easy-to-read facts about the body, there is no need to read cover to cover. Your kids can simply flip open a page and start reading. Apollo (10) grabbed this before bed last night and had a blast flipping through the pages and reading various facts to me. For example.

100 Things to Know About the Human Body

Did you know your body contains poison? That you have stones in your ears? That your skeleton will lose ninety-four bones as you age?

100 Things to Know About the Human Body- Usborne Books Review

I bet you didn’t and I bet your kids don’t either. I have been a fan of Usborne books since my oldest was a toddler (she’s now 24). This book is a great addition to any home library. And if you don’t believe me, check out Gina’s review over at

More Resources for Learning About the Human Body

Printable Doctor's Kit playset.

If you want to continue learning about the human body, you can hop over to Teachers Pay Teachers and download my free Hospital Play Kit worksheets. This kid contains everything your kids need to play hospital such as symptom checkers, medical records, prescriptions, eye chart, and more…with lots of learning built-in. Your kids can learn some of the major bones of the body, do a fun crossword puzzle, and play medical bingo.

You might also be interested in my post about how to Create a Fun DIY Doctor’s Kit or my Midwife Printable Play Set.

Lyrical Life Science: The Human Body I love this CD so much I sometimes listen to it while driving in my car alone.


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