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Under the Influence, The Social Dilemma, and the Rabbit Hole

Avi, 15, fog
Avi, age 15

I cannot believe we have passed the one-year anniversary of our “two weeks to flatten the curve”. I am pretty darn sure my curves have grown over the past year, not flattened. Here in Washington we still have to mask at any indoor setting (even if we are vaccinated). Our school district just announced elementary schools will be moving to four-day week (instead of two).

Breaking Up with Social Media (Kinda)

Avi in the fog

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I have been slowly reading the book Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. Despite really liking the book, I am not deleting my social media accounts. Completely. I did remove all social media (except for Instagram) off of my phone. I kept Instagram because 1) hello, I’m a photographer and 2) pictures of my grandchildren. I also kept FB messenger on my phone as I use that frequently with my children and family.

This has cut mindless scrolling to a minimum, but more than that, I have pulled back due to the millions of dollars poured into these apps and sites to creating algorithms that are irresistible. If you haven’t already, you should watch the Netflix program The Social Dilemma and listen to the podcast Rabbit Hole. Both are quite eye-opening. And be sure and check out the podcast Under the Influence by Jo Piazza. Warning, she swears a lot.

Under the Influence has me redoubling my effort to remain honest online and only link to products/sites I actually care about, use, and believe in. It also has me unfollowing accounts of perfectly posed perfect families. Don’t get me wrong, I follow plenty of accounts with beautiful photos…but I don’t need to see more perfectly posed families. i

Still Haven’t Found Balance…Or Sleep

Black and white photo of boy drawing pictures.

A certain ten-year-old in my life is struggling with sleep and fatigue. And guess what? That means I am struggling with them (more than usual) as well. After seeing his primary care doctor and getting bloodwork done, he has an appointment scheduled with his ENT at Seattle Children’s Hospital (he hasn’t seen him since 2006!) and a visit with the sleep clinic at Children’s.

When school started up in-person in February, I re-enrolled Apollo. Two days a week sounded perfect to me. Unfortunately, he is often so tired, or still sleeping when school starts, that he has been absent more days than he has bee present. We have noticed if he has an active day (at the skate park, playing outside with friends, etc) he is completely wiped out for the next day…and sometimes even two.

So, with less sleep and more fatigued than usual, I am attempting to homeschooling a tired and sleepy ten-year-old. I will let you guess just how well that is going.

I have a backlog of posts (recipes and reviews) that I just can’t seem to find the energy to finish. But soon.

I hope.

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