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Seattle Adventures with Apollo

Apollo's feeding tube will need to be removed surgically, but it is coming out!

Seattle Adventures with Apollo

Last week Apollo had two appointments in Seattle, each a day apart. I couldn’t bear the thought of making the 200-mile round trip drive to Seattle twice in three days, so we begged room and board off of our friends, Molly and Eric.

Although we work hard to make Apollo’s trips to the hospital “fun” let’s be realistic…constant appointments, doctors and procedures are a real drag. It reminds me of that scene in Horton Hears a Who where the mayor is about to get a root canal and says, “you know, adding “who” to the beginning of the word doesn’t make it any less painful”. Adding a trip to McDonalds for lunch doesn’t make a trip to the hospital anymore fun. With a day between appointments, I decided we would set out in search of some Seattle Adventures. Just the two of us.

Apollo and I take on Seattle, searching for adventure.

First up was Pike Place Market. 

At Pike Place Market in search of some Seattle Adventures.

Apollo Takes on Pike Place Market

While I’m a huge fan of Pike Place Market, this was Apollo’s first visit. The sights (people everywhere) the smells (lots of dead fish) the sounds (buskers, fish sellers and more) were a bit overwhelming. He enjoyed it overall, though he was done after about 30 minutes. Apollo hadn’t eaten any breakfast at Molly’s and he was hungry. I tried to convince him to eat some fresh, hot donuts.

Nope, wouldn’t even try one. Instead, he led me by the hand and showed me a display of fried chicken. $4 later he settled down for a filling breakfast of a hot, juicy drumstick.

Searching for Seattle Adventures with Apollo.

Emergency! Evacuate the Building

Next up on our Seattle Adventures list was a trip to the Children’s Museum. Apollo has been here a few times and was looking forward to playing there again. He spent a long time building a house out of the blue foam…after that, he wanted to build with LEGO. Of course, because apparently, he doesn’t get enough LEGO playtime at home. Just about the time, he finished his bat cave, he realized Waddles the penguin was missing.

Waddles. His friend and companion. The animal he chose to accompany him to his hospital visits. This was not good. We retraced our steps a dozen times. We checked the lost and found…Waddles was nowhere to be seen.

This was not good.

It also was not good when an alarm went off and a voice repeated endlessly: Attention, an emergency has been reported. Please find the nearest exit and evacuate the building.

In search of Seattle Adventures with Apollo.

Help, Waddles is Still in the Building!

Yep, they evacuated the entire building…I would have left then and there except Waddles was missing.

After waiting about 15 minutes and watching the fire trucks pull up to the building, we were let back in. Waddles was still nowhere to be found. Finally, just as I was ready to drop the bombshell that we would be leaving without Waddles, I asked a couple of people if they had seen a stuffed penguin.

“Was it small?” asked a man.

“Yes, about this big. It is gray and white.”

“Yeah, I saw that.”

We followed the Penguin Whisperer as he led us out into the hall, reached into a play bus (that Apollo had not played in), and pulled out Waddles. It was a like Christmas in October.

Mod pizza for our Seattle Adventure!

Next up was lunch at Mod Pizza. Apollo loved it! The top two photos? His pose. The bottom two? Not posed at all…just him enjoying a huge slice of pizza.

Seattle Adventures with Apollo.

Finally, we were all adventured out and headed back to home base. Molly was hosting a homeschool class and we came just in time for Apollo to join the kids in a vicious battle with foam swords. He was thrilled.

Seattle Adventures with Apollo.

The first morning at Molly’s I woke up and spotted these two cuties sitting next to a heater vent, trying to lure Apollo over with the promise of warm air. I asked if they did this every morning…the answer?

“Usually we wait here until my dad gets up and makes us coffee.”

Seattle Adventures with Apollo.

Yep. This is why we love Molly and her family so much.

Coffee, LEGO, and adventure.

Our families were made for each other.



  1. Emily

    My daughter has a stuffed dog she is very attached to. After a near loss I bought a back up one just in case! Havent had to use it yet but just knowing I have it makes me feel better!

  2. Dorothy

    My friends daughter lost her just like me American Girl doll one evening at an ER in Seattle. Mom and heart broken daughter looked for her for an extended period, before giving up and going home. The next day mom started calling American Girl stores in the US, as the doll is no longer made. She finally found the doll at the store in Las Angeles. The store manager asked for her name and address, did not ask for any credit card information and advised her she would be hearing from them soon. A few days later, Charlie received a box addressed to her from the store. Inside was the doll with a note advising Charlie that she was sorry to have worried her. The doll wanted to visit her friend and was glad to be home now. She also came with a few new outfits. Mom never was charged for the doll or outfits.

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