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Lifestyle Family Photography

Bellingham Lifestyle Family Photographer

See these kids? I just love their family. Chuck and I had the pleasure meeting up with this family for the first time last summer (I had met Molly previously). You might remember this family from when Apollo’s g-tube fell out last summer.Bellingham Lifestyle Family Photographer

Molly recently had a new baby and asked if I would come and take photos. Seriously? That’s like asking if I want a cup of coffee. Or if I like children. Or if I ever search my house frantically for a pair of underwear right before heading to MomSpot.

My trip to Seattle for photos was delayed slightly when Apollo got sick and then Hezekiah came down with  strep throat. I didn’t want to share any germs with the new baby.

I finally made it down when Hannah was three weeks old. Molly only asked for pictures of Hannah, and one nice photo of her toddler, Peter, but I couldn’t resist capturing her lively boys who were so eager to post for me.

{She actually has more boys than this, but they were busy hanging out with Enoch…not following me and my camera around}

Bellingham Lifestyle Family Photographer Bellingham Lifestyle Family Photographer

Bellingham Lifestyle Family Photography

Sweet little Hannah…the second girl after a run of five boys in a row!

Hannah was so expressive! It makes me think I might just prefer photographing slightly older newborns…

So much love in this large family! I have experienced this so many times with my own children. New babies in a large family are not lacking for love and attention. Everyone loves a baby!

Bellingham lifestyle family photography

Ella was thrilled to finally have a sister. Aren’t these two so sweet?

Bellingham lifestyle family photography

And Apollo…he has been begging for a baby lately. Before we left for our trip he prayed, “Dear God,  please put a baby in Mama’s tummy today”.

Thanks so much for letting us come hang out Molly! We love you all.


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