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Abel Joins the Family: Images of New Parenthood

Tilly nursing newborn Abel
The first few days with a newborn can be hard.

Tilly is doing a beautiful job as a new mom. I am so very proud of her. If you are not a grandparent, then you probably can’t imagine what it is like to see the child you grew and nurtured turn around and nurture their own child. These moments make even the hardest days of parenting so worthwhile.

Newborn Abel in the hospital.

Abel has learned to nurse like a champ with none of the feeding issues that Apollo and Percy had (despite a teeny-tiny tongue tie). It has been amazing to be here to support Tilly and Jared for their first few days of parenthood. I am so honored that they let me into their sacred space. These are moments I will always treasure.

Newborn Abel in the hospital.

Last night I was able to wash Abel’s hair and get him cleaned up. One thing I appreciate about New Zealand hospitals is they don’t bath or scrub down the babies at all. If you are wondering why I care, read this article about the reasons to delay baby’s first bath.

Newborn Abel in the hospital

I kept Abel swaddled and gently washed his hair, face, and neck with a soft cloth. He still had spots of blood in his hair and around his nose an I was able to get him squeaky clean. He loved the feel of the warm water on his head.

Jared holding newborn Abel

Afterward, I laid him on a blanket on the floor and he looked all around, chill as could be. Jared commented on it and I explained he was just happy and relaxed after his “bath”.

Jared bouncing newborn Abel on a yoga ball.
Tilly nursing Abel

Sadly, I head home tomorrow. It is so hard to be separated from our grandchildren. It is not just that I will miss cuddling sweet Abel, but it is so hard to not be able to help out.

On the bright side, Tilly is a talented photographer and blogger, so I am counting on her to keep me well supplied with baby photos.

And just for fun, a collage of Uncle Apollo, Percival, and Abel for comparison.


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