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The Baby Formerly Known as Kiwi: Bi​​g, Blonde, and Beautiful

Jared and Abel have skin-to-skin
Baby Kiwi, Abel has made his appearence.

June 18th baby Kiwi made his grand entrance. That’s right, HIS. Kiwi is a BOY.

Newborn Abel being examined by hospital midwife.

And to be more specific, Kiwi is a boy named Abel (yes, that’s right, as in Cain and Abel).

Abel was born a whopping 8 pounds 15 ounces with a beautiful thatch of blonde hair and cheeks that would make a chipmunk jealous. Tilly endured a days-long marathon labor…but I’ll let her share the story when she is up to it.

Tilly and Jared are both completely thrilled and have declared Abel worth the wait.

Newborn baby Abel.
Baby Abel has cheeks for days.
Jared and newborn Abel.

Jared is falling right into fatherhood. He pretty much thinks Abel is the best thing that’s ever happened.

Jared and newborn Abel snuggling.

More photos to come soon.


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