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A Stroll Along Ocean Beach: Whangarei New Zealand

Tilly and Jared adoring each other on the beach.

Tilly and Jared are taking good care of me here. Jared drove us up to Ocean Beach last week to show me more of this amazing island. He’s either trying to make me fall even more in love with New Zealand or he’s sick of me hanging out in his living room.

Waves on Ocean Beach Whangarei.

With ocean views like this, I’ll take it either way.

Dark and moody sky over Ocean Beach.

I snapped a few photos as we looked out over the water, watching the iridescent blue waves wash over the sand. The sky was feeling moody full of both white and dark clouds. The breeze was cool and the air fresh. I decided to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop and snap a few photos of Tilly and Jared together. As I adjusted the settings, I realized we had the perfect conditions to capture a silhouette. With a bit of directing from me, I was able to capture this shot.

Silloutte of couple kissing on the beach. Whangarei New Zealand.

This was taken just moments after the black and white shot. I just had them turn their bodies and kiss.

Silloutte of couple on beach holding hands.
Ocean Beach Whangarei Northland New Zealand

Then we took a stroll down to the beach. Despite being a week past her “due” date, Tilly is keeping up her postivie attitude. She is just *so* ready to meet her little one!

Pregnant woman on the beach. North Land New Zealand

Baby Kiwi is so snug and warm s/he just want to stay all cozy in her mama’s womb. Unlike his/her cousin, Percy, who was so eager to get here he joined us early!

Jared and Tilly on Ocean Beach
Tilly and Jared on Ocean Beach

It was early evening when we headed out to the beach. It was lightly sprinkling at Tilly and Jared’s house, so we weren’t sure how much strolling we would be able to do. Thankfully, it wasn’t sprinkling at Ocean Beach so we were able to enjoy a leisurely walk.

The water at Ocean Beach is beautiful blue.

The waves along the beach were so beautiful. Unlike our side of the Pacific Ocean which is brown, New Zealand’s side is blue. One thing I love about New Zealand is we share the Pacific Ocean. We may be half a world away, but when we are at the beach starring out at the ocean, its the same ocean that surrounds my daughters.

Blue waves at Ocean Beach Whangarei.
Ocean Beach Whangarei.
Ocean Beach at sunset.
Tilly and Jared adoring each other on the beach.
Tilly and Jared kissing on the beach.

Maybe, just maybe, my new update will be about baby Kiwi…

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