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Apollo’s Grand Adventure: New Zealand and Back Again

Chuck is an amazing grandpa and loves holding Abel.

Okay, who’s ready for a barrage of pictures of Apollo (and Chuck’s) Grand 2020 New Zealand Adventure? Brace yourself…you are in for a treat.

Chuck and Apollo’s Adventures in New Zealand

Apollo and Abel- uncle and nephew

Uncle Apollo and Abel

Abel instinctively understands that Apollo’s popsicle is more appetizing than his thumb…

Apollo and Abel in Whangarei, New Zealand

The first part of Chuck and Apollo’s trip was spent up north in Whangarei where Tilly and Jared live. This was both Chuck and Apollo’s first time meeting Abel and both were smitten.

Adorable Abel in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Because who wouldn’t fall in love with this face???

Sweet, smiling, happy Abel.
Abel in the ergo baby carrier, looking adorable, as always.
Abel smiling and dressed up for church.

Fun fact you may not know…Chuck loves to buy baby clothes. It was always one of his favorite things with our babies and now he is enjoying buying baby clothes for our beautiful grandsons. Before both of his trips to New Zealand, he as gone baby clothes shopping. He bought this adorable church outfit for Abel which clearly fits him perfectly.

Tilly, Abel, and Apollo hiking in Whanagrei, New Zealalnd.

Tilly, Abel, and Apollo hiking in New Zealand. This scenic reserve is right down the road from Tilly and Jared’s house. You can walk right from their house to this amazing trail!

Chuck and Apollo in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Chuck and Apollo, ready for adventure.

Apollo exploring New Zealand.
Tilly, Jared, Apollo, and Abel having lunch on the rocks in New Zealand.

Jared, Apollo, Tilly, and Abel sharing lunch.

Judah and Abel at Whangarei Falls.

Judah was also adventuring in New Zealand. The timing didn’t work out quite right for Judah to fly with Chuck and Apollo, but they met up partway through the trip.

Judah, Chuck, and Apollo.
Judah, Apollo, and Chuck in Hobbiton.

Visiting Hobbiton

One thing on Apollo’s bucket list was a trip to Hobbiton. He has read The Hobbit and seen all the Lord of the Rings movies. He is a definite Tolkien fan and so is Judah. Apollo loved the visit to Hobbiton. It must be magical to visit the actual movie set of a movie (and book) you love when you’re nine-years-old.

Apollo climbing trees in New Zealand.

Clearly, Apollo learned nothing from his concussion in 2018 (actually, he learned a lot and is much more cautious).

Judah holding Abel in a tree in New Zealand.
Abel and Judah
Apollo Boogie boarding in New Zealand

All the guys (except Abel) went Boogie Boarding. Don’t worry, the water was safe, just red-colored from seaweed. Chuck would stand out in the water and thrust Apollo and his board onto a wave so he could ride it to the shore.

Abel in the ocean in New Zealand.
Abel smiling on the beach.
Abel is officially the happiest baby in all of Whangarei.
Abel sucking his thumb on the beach.
Judah and Abel.
Tilly and Abel at Whangarei Falls.
Tilly and Abel
Judah on the beach in New Zealand.
Apollo on the beach in New Zealand.

Apollo on the beach.

Chuck is an amazing grandpa and loves holding Abel.

Chuck has always loved babies and now he loves being a grandpa. I sent him a message while he was in New Zealand and said, “It looks like you’re having a great time”. He responded with, “having a blast, but the best part is Abel!”

Chuck, Apollo, Judah and Abel in New Zealand.

And just so you don’t think he’s choosing favorites, he hadn’t yet been down to see Percy and Monty.

Adventure Forest Ropes Course

The entire Whangarei crew headed to Adventure Forest for a fun day of ziplining and ropes courses.

Adventure Forest Whangarei New Zelaand.
Judah on the ropes course
Judah and Apollo on ropes course at Adventure Forest.
Judah and Apollo
Apollo at Adventure Forest in Whangarei.
Adventure Forest in Whangarei, New Zealand.

To be continued….next up, photos of Chuck and Apollo heading south to visit Ben, Iris, Percival, and Monty.


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  1. Nana Jo

    Beautiful pictures. Your Apollo is getting so big! I love the one of him straddling the tree … such an iconic ode to childhood. Abel is utterly adorable ….what I call a yummy baby! How awesome that Chuck enjoys buying baby clothes! My husband has never purchased a baby garment in his life ….nor had much interest. In fact, I don’t think he even noticed what our little ones wore! Many years ago when my husband brought our first little son to visit me in hospital and meet his new baby brother, he had dressed our 2 year old son in his outfit backwards, and had no idea! Thanks for sharing the great adventure…looking forward to Part 2!

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