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Apollo the Scientist


Apollo loved the Science Center as much as he loved the zoo. Our science center has this awesome water area with different levels and water toys.


It’s just the right height for toddlers to dig in.


Apollo has his appointment for the sweat test July 7th. We should have the results that evening or the next day. If it comes out negative (which I sincerely hope it does) I have no idea what will come next. He has moved from “noisy breathing” to a chronic wheeze….and has had two choking spells this week that lasted for several minutes and ended in him vomiting up gobs of mucus. Not a pretty sight.


In other news, we received our first letters from Iris. She’s having a wonderful time.

Judah continues to work at our church, which leaves Tilly (12) my right-hand woman at the moment. She’s stepped up and is doing a marvelous job.

I wish you all a happy weekend.



  1. Rachel

    I didn’t know Adalia was going to Teen Missions! Why did I miss that? I went to Teen Missions three summers in a row as a teenager. Those were three life-changing summers and probably the best decisions I made as a teen. I love what they do!

  2. Jean

    Has Apollo been to the ENT yet? Bad sinuses and thick post nasal drip can do the same things. I’m going to fan the facebook page to see what my prayer partner is doing!

  3. Renee

    Jean- yes he went at 10 months and had a camera stuck down his nose/throat. Sinuses are fine…the ENT is the one who suggested no dairy and relfux meds.

  4. Lorien

    My niece also just left Miami for a Honduras Missions trip this week. This is her second year and she just was so changed by her trip last year. Amazing stuff.

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