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We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

IMG_0189_5816 blog

Yesterday was a wild and crazy day. Chuck had his immigration interview to become a U.S. citizen and he suggested I head down to the zoo with the kids, then he'd meet us there when his interview was over. As it turned out he was able to get sworn in yesterday after his interview and he is now a U.S. CITIZEN. Now  our family really is All American. I am disappointed we didn't get to watch and make it a big family event, but Chuck is so relieved never to have to renew his Greencard or deal with immigration paperwork again. IMG_0179_5800 blog

Tilly is now the only Canadian in our family (she has duel citizenship).

IMG_0181_5804 blog

Judah (13) Apollo (1)

Apollo absolutely loved the zoo. He watched all the animals, jabbered about them and tried to climb in their various cages.

IMG_0185_5810 blog

Enoch (11)

IMG_0211_5794 blog

Jubilee (8), Hezekiah (7), sea otter (age unknown)

IMG_0215_5808 blog

Mordecai (8)

IMG_0218_5774 blog
Tucker (5) and Avi (6)

IMG_0220_5761 blog

Hezekiah (7)

After meeting up with Chuck we headed over to the Pacific Science Center. I would normally never squish these two events into one day, but we had to go to both this month to get our yearly memberships through our parent partnership program. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute…

IMG_0231_5770 blog

This is the only photo I took in the Science Center…but I couldn't resist.

Apollo walking- blog

And speaking of Apollo, photo proof that he can walk. He is amazingly steady on his feet and goes all over the place. He looks way to "kid-like" on two feet.

Where, oh where, did my baby go?






  1. Elizabeth

    Looks like fun!
    We have a science center and zoo right next door to each other here. Both of them are great and a family favorite. (though we’ve only been to the zoo once)
    Do you guys use some sort of “buddy system” to keep track of all the kids in public places?

  2. Meg

    Should you ever choose to avail yourselves of it, I believe all your biological children (don’t know about the adopted ones) are entitled to Canadian citizenship through jus sanguis, though, unless their children are born in Canada, they won’t be able to pass it on.

  3. sunny

    I’m curious about Tilly being the only one who is a Canadian with dual citizenship. Isn’t chuck still Canadian? I don’t know how that works and am curious.

  4. Linds

    As a reader of your blog, I’m delighted. But as a loyal Canadian, I’m a little miffed to lose another upstanding citizen to you Yanks! Just kidding, congratulations!

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