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Job Corps

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Apollo (1) and Boaz (17)

Boaz headed off to join Keziah at Job Corps on Apollo's birthday. We have had several emails and a phone call from Keziah. She loves Job Corps. She is in a Bible Study, has a ton of friends and said she already had friends picked out for Boaz. She's enjoying it so much, she elected not to come home for summer break (in her case she was only there for two weeks, and Boaz four days). So both will be staying.

Chuck was able to see Keziah when he dropped Boaz off. She ran out and gave him a big hug. Chuck said when he left the kids were saying, "Bye Keziah's dad". So, I think she's settled in. Job Corps may not be for everyone but it is such a good transition for these two. Living apart from us, but in a safe, monitored environment. Learning to work, but not needing to make enough to support themselves. Training for jobs, how to go to a job interview, independent living skills, going to school. It's all good. 

Judah has been working at our church (we are moving to a new building that needs rennovations). I am so proud of him. He's working eight hour days, doing dirty grunt work. At the moment he's helping the insulation installers. And it's no fun. What a great experience for him. Working hard, at an unpleasant job day after day. All with a great attitude.  Late summer he is heading off on a ten day canoe trip with Boy Scouts, so he needs all the money he can earn.

It's mighty quiet around here these days.


  1. Joolzmac

    Job Corps sounds like a fantastic program. It should be compulsory for a lot more youth, the ones who cannot find their way. It is a great thing you are doing for your kids.
    At my daughter’s college, they have a program for Year 11 and 12 students who are struggling with the graduation process (ones who would normally drop out). They encourage them to find a vocation and instead of attending school, they attend their job/skills course and it still counts towards their end score. They graduate with their School Certificate and end up with a job too!
    That picture is just so cute!

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