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Apollo’s World

{The following photos were taken with my brand lens, the Canon 15mm 2.8 fisheye. It just arrived in the mail and I can’t to play with it some more!}

Well,  today we’re off to Seattle Children’s Hospital with our favorite curly-haired toddler.

And speaking of that toddler, I have to share a few things he’s said lately.

Apollo likes to say what a “big boy” he is. Especially if we tell him no about something. He’ll say, “But I a big boy!”. So the other day I said, “Apollo, you’re such a big boy, pretty soon you won’t need to nurse anymore,” trying to introduce the idea of weaning…He looked right at me and said:

“But I a pirate and pirates nurse honey from their mamas!”

Oookay. So much for the gentle introduction to the idea of weaning….

Apollo is for some reason obsessed by the this Usborne Young Readers book about Hilter that we have. I’ve hidden it several times, but he always seems to find it. Last night I was reading it to him, yet again, and I told him Hilter was bad.

“Why Hitler bad?” he  asked.

“Because he killed lots of people” I answered.

“I not Hitler, Mama!” he delcared. “I Pooh bear!”


That was his theme for the rest of the evening. “I not Hitler, I Pooh Bear”. So if you happen to see my adorable toddler at the park, talking about Hilter, you know the full story.



  1. Crystal in Lynden

    *giggle * giggle*
    That get’s my morning off to a good start. That and a rousing rendition of “Onward Christian Soldiers” I found of facebook from a 42nd district family. I’m all charged up and ready to face the day.

  2. Karen Anderson

    Apollo is so funny – what a hoot. Well, I learned something new about pirates today anyway. Their Mamas produce honey rather than milk. ; )

  3. Paige

    We’ve been having similar conversations about weaning at my house. My daughter’s almost three, and I’m almost done with nursing! But she’s not. I told her that big girls don’t nurse, and she replied that she’s a puppy and puppies nurse their mommy dog’s milk. Then my husband started cracking jokes about what she was insinuating, so I gave up.

  4. Samara

    I’m curious how in one post you can, not complain, but I guess rant, about how you have no extra money because of all the trips to the hospital and such, but then buy a 700 dollar lens.. o.O

    • Kylie

      She is a photographer. She needs photography stuff! Would you tell a nurse she couldn’t buy scrubs cause she already has clothes? Or a teacher they couldn’t buy pencils?

      • Samara

        Scrubs and pencils aren’t 700 dollars. I’m not trying to be mean or attack her in any way. I read this blog because I think she does an amazing job with her kids and is an inspiring person. I just remember her posting, not too long ago too, about how they were low on funds, and had to buy apollo’s own gtube stuff because of the insurance. So I was just curious why she would buy a very expensive lens if they needed the money for other things.

        Maybe it was on sale, who knows!

    • liz

      not sure why i am chiming in…Renee never said she “purchased” the lens…for all we know it is second hand…a gift…given for a great price for a review….this is why I find it hard to start a want to vent on one hand..but on the other people call you out on stuff like this….i can only say I know Renee is frugal as anyone else…i bet this will either enhance her business…or at the very least give her alot of pleasure in the spare moments she has…no judging:)

      • Samara

        I agree, I did say maybe it was on sale. My comment wasn’t to attack her in any way. Was just curious, not that it is my business. Guess I am too invested in a blog! lol

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Samara, I am assuming you are referring to the post On G-Tubes and Heart Defects. I very purposely began that post saying how thankful I am for our insurance company which, so far, has covered EVERYTHING. Including his formula. The first part of the post was referencing how stressful I find my monthly phone call. The second was how many extra expenses come with a sick child. And, to avoid any confusion, I ended the post by saying it was *not* a plea for money. We are doing just fine, thank God. I try to be real here and hopefully a resource for other parents of sick kids. As far as the lens, which was purchased used from a photographer, I am, of course a professional photographer. As long as my business is successful and running, I will indeed be buying nice equipment for it. I strive to give my clients the best images possible and this requires high quality equipment. No hard feelings 🙂 This is a public blog, feel free to ask any questions you like and I’ll make the decision on whether or not to answer them.

  5. Jo

    Apollo is adorable! I am sorry he has all of these problems, I really pray that the doctors can find some solution to help him. But despite all of that, he has developed such an individual personality. How interesting that he wants to read about Hitler! I guess something about that book fascinates him. My kids love the Usborne books, I had never seen or owned one until they were about 4 and 5 and we were all pleased to discover them in our library, now we own a lot of them. Your new lens does neat stuff to the picture! It does look like a fishbowl.

  6. Dorothy

    You’re a profession photographer in your spare time? I’ll bet the lens will come in handy. I have a few PHD (push here dummy-point and shoot, auto everything) cameras, as my sister calls them. I wish I had the inclination to take interesting photos, but that pesky fulltime job and the 9 kids still at home seem to take all of my time.

  7. JCF

    “I not Hitler, Mama! I Pooh Bear!”

    I’m dying laughing over here–that may be the funniest toddler-line I’ve ever heard. I have a little guy who’s about a month younger than Apollo, but he’s not that much of a talker yet. He’s been the slowest of our three to start combining words, but I’m excited to hear what he has to say whenever he decides he’s ready to say it!

  8. Melissa

    I think it’s great that he’s still nursing. Extended nursing is awesome anyway, but probably extra helpful in Apollo’s situation. Good luck when you do try to wean- it sounds like your cute, articulate little guy is a pretty good negotiator! 🙂

    Melissa 🙂

  9. liz

    sorry so many appointments. praying for you, your family and Apollo. Your family is always on my mind…cool may have answered this already….did you grow up taking pics? Did you take classes? Self taught? Just curious..I would love to get a nice camera and not just point and shoot..we take about 50 pics a day….i see how wonderful they could be..any advice on a “beginner SLR”

  10. Michelle

    Hi, first time reader (came here from circle of moms (or mums as we say in Australia)).

    I just wanted to leave a supportive comment saying you don’t have to wean Apollo if you and he don’t wish to. It is biologically normal for children to breastfeed far longer than most in western society usually do, and perfectly normal for children to continue to nurse up to 4 years of age and beyond.

    Particularly given his ongoing health issues, continued nursing might be exactly what he needs to keep his strength and immunity up while going through these medical difficulties. For a sick child, mother’s milk is like medicine. I had a premie myself, and that’s what all the doctors and nurses said. He’s still nursing now (only a couple of times a day) at 3.5 years of age.

    Best of luck to you and your family, and I hope Apollo’s medical issues improve soon.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I know I don’t “need” to wean him 🙂 Nursing him is very difficult (and often painful) due to his breathing and eating issues. He also gets breastmilk put in his tube, donated by a local mom.

  11. Aaron Stevens

    Having a quick stalk of your previous posts :P.
    Hahaha, now i get that Pooh Bear comment better after reading this…Thats funny 🙂 Praying for Apollo, and I will share it with our church on sunday for prayer too.

    God Bless

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