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20100827_5194 blog
Adalia (14) practically begged me to let her give Apollo a bath in the sink, and who am I to rob her of the pleasure? 

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20100827_5195 blog 
20100827_5197 blog 

Apollo enjoys the water- of course he does. This is the baby how was determined not to be born. Warm water is his favorite place to be. Lets hope he enjoys Great Wolf Lodge this much…


  1. Christy

    I am pretty jealous of Adalia… I always wanted a baby sister or brother but unfortunately my youngest sister is only 3 and a half years younger than I… thankfully she acted the part of the baby of the family for many years. My other sister and I even bought her a bottle and rattle for her 6th birthday! Dreamers… 🙂

  2. megan woodall

    I have to say I love reading your blog. I have five children sarah the newest addition is only a few weeks old but i get on here every night when she gets up to nurse and your blog always brings a smile to my face even at 3 am.

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