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Blueberry Picking Gone Wild


Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to head to our favorite U-pick berry farm. The weather was fair, not to hot, not to cold. We all loaded up and were greeted like old friends (um, with thirteen children, you tend to draw a lot of attention to yourself). I quickly briefed my children on the finer points of blueberry picking and we were off.
Boaz, 14
We picked for an hour. At one point when a child commented “Blueberry picking is hard work” I was able to point out that picking blueberries isn’t actually hard work, but being diligent and sticking with a job until it is completed is hard work. This is a child who struggles against his human nature, and doesn’t like to work hard unless there is some personal gain. How wonderful to be able to have this conversation with my son.
After an hour, my little ones were ready to head home. We gathered our buckets and headed to the scale to pay. Anyone care to venture to guess how many pounds of blueberries we picked? When the first bucked weighed in at ten pounds I knew we were in trouble.
Ah yes my friends, our hour of picking yielded 115 pounds. Oops. Didn’t mean to pick quite that many. Now don’t get me wrong, all of the berries will be eaten, I just wasn’t planning to spend quite that much money on blueberries this year. We have fourteen gallons of blueberries in our freezer, and a zillion on my counter still. I think the most blueberries we’ve had in my freezer in the past was four or five gallons. My children also wanted to try blueberry jam this year and I kept saying, “If we have enough blueberries”. Looks like we have enough.
Note to self: If each bucket holds approximately ten pounds of berries, figure out exactly how many berries you want before hand, and do the math.

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