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Apollo’s First Shoes


Chuck, Apollo and I sneaked out of the house Friday night to go shopping for Apollo's first pair of shoes. Up until now he has gone barefoot or worn Robeez shoes. Trips to the local parks (with woodchip play areas) and the lake demonstrated a need for some shoes. 

Off to REI we headed for a pair of cute little Keen sandals.

When Apollo saw the wall of shoes on display he kept pointing and saying "zshzshzsh" his version of shoe. 


As you can see, he was quite possesive of his new prize!

First pair of shoes: 

    * Keen sandals

    * forest green

    * size 4T

    * Apollo, 13 months old


  1. CailinMarie

    Keens are the best shoes ever. My 3rd child destroys everything he owns (he plays hard!) his Keens have actually lasted long enough for him to out grow them. That never happens.

  2. gabe

    He is so cute holding on to his box! We love keens here too! All six of my kids have them and I love how they have held up, some are wearing theirs for the second season and most of them still look new!

  3. Elizabeth

    Yay! :o) I heard Keens are pretty good shoes. I’ve wondered though if they’re worth the money when kids grow out of them so fast. Maybe you could write some reviews on shoes / clothing items sometime? (Haha, as if you didn’t have anything to do)

  4. Emily

    Aww! He looks so cute holding his very own shoes in their box. I wonder how many folks saw you and figured you were out with your first child, getting him some shoes…if only they knew. 😛
    I should try Keens. I keep hearing good things about them.

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