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Fun and Funky Board Books for Toddlers

Ninja Ninja Never Stop review.

Board Books Are Great for Introducing a Love of Reading

You and your baby will love thee fun and funky board books.

Board books are a great way to introduce your little one to the joys of reading. Each of these books is chosen for their fun colors and stories.

Spring is Here sliding board book.

One of the sad parts of my children growing up is them outgrowing certain books. Apollo still loves pictures books, though these days I am the one who selects them from the library, but board books? No more. Thank goodness I have three beautiful grandsons in New Zealand who are at the perfect age for board books. I send Chuck over with piles of books for Percy, Monty, and Abel. Here are some of my favorites!

Some books were given to me for review purposes- I received no compensation and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Where Is My Pink Sweater? by Nicola Slater

I am an avid knitter so you know I am going to love any book about a handknit sweater…even if it seems to be unraveling.

Where is my Pink Sweater Review

Rudy wakes up one morning to find his favorite pink sweater is missing. He searches through the house which happens to be full of ten tumbling cats, nine jiving llamas in fancy-pants pajamas…

Where is My Pink Sweater by Nicola Slater review.

eight prima pigerenas and more.

Where is My Pink Sweater is a sturdy, lift-the-flap board book.

This book is a fun backward counting book with lift-the-flaps and windows to peek through. Rudy has to follow the thread of his sweater to find out where it went.

Where is a My Pink Sweater? Is a sturdy lift-the-flap book perfect for toddlers.

Toddlers and preschoolers will love the pictures in this book. This board book is sturdy and entertaining. Especially if you love knitting.

Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop! By Todd Tuell

Ninja Ninja Never Stop is a fun board book for active toddlers.

This board book about ninjas has fun rhymes that are sure to get stuck in your head (in a good way). Not in the Baby Shark way.

Ninja Ninja Never Stop is a fun board book for active toddlers.

This little ninja goes, goes, goes! He climbs and jumps, and sneaks, and hops. Much like several of my children…and a certain two-year-old grandson…

Ninja Ninja Never Stop review.

Your toddler will be eager to try out his own Ninja moves. I really like the illustrations and bright colors in this book.

Ninja Ninja Never Stop book review.

In fact, I am kind of jealous of the furniture in this house! Check out those open shelves and retro chairs! This book is perfect for any active toddler or future-ninjas.

Spring is Here by Carles Ballesteros 

Spring is Here sliding board book.

Introduce your baby to spring with Spring is Here! When you turn the page the faces of the animals change. This book is sturdy enough to stand up to your baby or toddler.

Your child will love the changing faces in Spring is Here.

I Love You Elephant is another fun book in the changing faces series. I gave this book to my grandson, Abel, and Tilly said he loves it. In fact, he tries to eat it.

I Love You Elephant changing face book review.

“ ‘I love you!’ is the refrain on each spread of this joyful story. Readers will delight in seeing new faces appear and then change when the page is turned, thanks to the magical Venetian blind element built into the book.

Farm Block by Christopher Franceshelli

Farm Block is a board book with pages that expand and flaps to lift.

Farm Block is a fold-out board book that tells about life on the farm. I was already also a fan of his earlier book, City Block.

I reviewed City Block here.

Farm Block is a great way to introduce your kids to farm life.

The farmer has to do chores, feed the animals, get ready for winter and more. Toddlers will love unfolding the thick pages and exploring the scenes while learning about farms. 

Farm Block is a great way to introduce kids to live on a farm.

I sent this book to New Zealand for Percy.

Percy walking through Pukaha National Wildlife Reserve

While he doesn’t technically live on a farm, he lives surrounded by acres of pasture, horses, and cows (which he loves to feed). Chores are definitely a part of his life.

The Cutest Thing Ever by Amy Ignatow

Okay, The Cutest Thing Ever isn’t a board book, but it is ideal for older toddlers who can handle books without eating them or shredding the pages. And it’s so cute I just had to share it.

What is the cutest thing ever review.

What’s cuter than a cute monster? A cute monster with a kitten!

The cutest thing ever is a fun, colorful book describing...the cutest thing ever.

And what’s cuter than that? A cute monster with TWO kittens.

Review of the book Wha tis the Cutest Thing Ever?

And so this book goes with things getting cuter and cuter

The Cutest Thing Ever may just be a parared of koala bears!!!
The Cutest Thing Ever is, of course, your child.

…until the final page reveals the cutest thing ever…your child!

Baby Up Baby Down: A First Book of Opposites

Baby Up Baby Down: A First Book of Opposites.

This board book is full of bright (but not overwhelming) pictures of toddlers and babies demonstrating opposites such as up and down, awake and asleep.

Baby Up Baby Down first book of opposites.

This book is sure to be a hit with toddlers. 

Baby Loves: A First Book of Favorites

You should also check out Baby Loves: A First Book of Favorites. These books are so great for introducing new vocabulary to your kids.

God is Great God is Good by Sanna Anderson Baker

And I save the best for last!

God is Great God is Good board book.

This board book, God is Great God is Good, has simple words that will be enjoyed over and over by little ones.

God is Great God is Good board book.

The simple text reminds me of the book of Job (which just happens to be my favorite book of the Bible) with words like

God is Great God is Good board book.

“Who was there

When the sea was born?

God is Great God is Good board book.

And who wraps it round

With a blanket of fog?”

God is Great God is Good board book.

A simple book introducing little ones to creation and God.

I hope you enjoyed these board book suggestions. Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!



  1. Tonya Beyer

    We love board books! They are my go-to baby gift;never to early to start your library. 🙂 Our traditional favorites are Max and Ruby books by Rosemary Wells, Good Dog, Carl (mostly pictures, hardly any text, but babies love these as they can “read them by themselves), and Sandra Boyton books. Llama, Llama, Red Pajama was the favorite of our youngest, and Olivia is a lot of fun. (She reminds me of our oldest granddaughter.)

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