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Winter Knitting for Kiwi Babies, Antler Cable, and More

Knitting for Kiwi babies.

It’s funny how sometimes I go months (or even years?) without knitting. Life gets busy, my hands get sore (with photography and blogging my hands are overworked), money is tight. But man, when I pick it up again, I realize how very much I have missed it.

I recently knit this antler cable had for a friend using cascade super wash.

I had a friend ask me to knit him a hat recently and knew I wanted to do something a little bit different than usual. I found this antler cable hat¬†pattern (for FREE!) on Tin Can Knits. I’ll be honest, I was a bit intimidated by this cable. I’ve worked a few cables in the past, but nothing this complicated. I bought some Cascade Super Wash and decided to just give it a try.

Turns out, cabling is cabling, and this was really no more complicated than the simple cables I have done. This hat knit up fast. It was three days from casting on to finishing the hat. It was so much fun, as soon as this came off the needles, I cast on another antler cable hat for Tilly’s baby (that’s the orange project you see in the photo).

This baby vest was hand knit for Tilly's baby out of alpaca wool.

We heat our house with a wood stove only so our house can be chilly at night. Apollo spent his first three years wearing vests during the winter to keep him warm.

Apollo In a baby t-shirt vest.

Cute baby Apollo with his mismatched teeth.

Percy in a vest I knit him.

I knit Percy a few vests before he was born. I was thrilled to hear that Adalia uses the vests every night for Percy in the winter. He keeps warm the same way his American uncle kept warm as a baby.

How to Cashflow a vacation while paying off debt. Lunch at Red Robin.

And this little vest Percy is wearing I knit for Apollo and have now passed down.

For now, I am able to keep up knitting for my little (kiwi) grandchildren. But somehow, I think, that may not always be the case. So, I will relish this while I can.


  1. bemis

    …I’m knitting as I read this! I also go weeks or even months without knitting. I also just decided to knit up a couple of vests for my younger kids–I have some beautiful but scratchy natural wool yarn that someone gave me and I hadn’t figured out a way to use it. Then I realized recently that wool vests as an extra layer especially when skiing is the perfect solution! Where do you usually find your patterns?

    • Renee

      That’s great! I use a lot of wool, but it is soft baby alpaca wool. Sadly, it has to be hand-washed. My other favorite is Cascade 220 or Cascade Super Wash. Both can be tossed in the washing machine, a sure bonus with babies! I find most of my patterns on Ravelry or just by googling.

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