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At Least We Didn’t Find Any Dead Cats…

The BAD Day( But at least there are no dead cats)Today was a bad day. Bad with a capital B. A. D. Bad like the big bad wolf (and not Johnny Depp as the big, bad wolf in Into the Woods). It all started when I asked my children to clean up.      

Oh the injustice!

Oh the travesty!

Heartbreak and Fury!

We had it all. I’ve been doing this parenting thing for 19 years, and I swear it never gets easier and I still don’t have the answers. A good work ethic <— That is an important trait my husband and I want to instill in our children. We want our kids to know how to work hard, to take responsibility for their actions and ( I am dreaming to big here) to be respectful to others especially (yes, especially) adults. Sometimes it seems like I am failing on every level. 

This morning included bad attitudes, stomping feet and rude remarks. Among other things, I told one child to sit down and write out why everyone in the family needs to pitch in and help. Half an hour later I was presented with a paper that read, in part: 

…if one person did all the work it would be too much and no one else would ever learn how to work. And then when they move out they will just be fat, lazy, hoarders with dead cats all over their house and piles of garbage and moldy fridges and moldy foods and take out bags and boxes. And then the one person would have a clean house and they would have to be on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners with their own siblings so that is why we all have to work together as one big happy family. Because we don’t want to have to torture the one clean child by making them go on the Compulsive Cleaners and find rotten, decaying cats in their sibling’s house…

It’s hard to argue with the reasoning. And it made me smile. Laughter is the best medicine, right? I can’t promise tomorrow or any other day in the future will be any better. I am sure my children will still complain about work, argue and maybe even be disrespectful.

But we haven’t found any dead cats or been featured on Hoarders…so I suppose things could be a whole lot worse. 



  1. TheVirtue

    I had to read that to my husband and he said “That sounds completely reasonable to me.” Ha. It’s nice but also sort terrifying to hear even pros feel like they aren’t succeeding in teaching the important stuff sometimes. Mine is only 2.5 and my most important, basic goal in life is to make sure he is good person and not an #&$%@%@. Some days it feels like a totally unreachable goal.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      It’s a funny thing…you would think after raising several children to adulthood, and having them turn out to be kind, reasonable and wonderful people, that anxiety (about how my kids will turn out) would be gone. I fluctuate between “my older kids turned out fine” to “are we relaxing the rules too much? do we need to be stricter? less strict? with this younger bunch”…so, I guess it doesn’t really get any easier…

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