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Duck Dynasty Party {Tucker’s 10th Birthday}

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I really, really feel that this party theme needs a bit of an explanation. A year or so ago, my mother-in-law passed on to my kids season 3 of Duck Dynasty. We had never seen the show, and knew very little about it. I watched two episodes and thought it was ridiculous and hokey. My kids? They loved it. 

A few month ago they started bringing home Duck Dynasty books from the library. I picked up Happy, Happy, Happy: The Life and Legacy of the Duck Commander and read it. I was hooked. Reading about Phil Robertson’s life totally changed my view on the family, and suddenly I wanted to watch the show. I watched a few more episodes and read a few more books…and finally understood my children’s fascination with this quirky, duck hunting family.

It was no surprise then, that Tucker wanted a Duck Dynasty Party for his 10th birthday. Especially since I pointed out one day, that I could envision Tucker growing up to be just like…Uncle Si.

Duck Dynasty Party Costumes

You might recognize this vest and pants and the ones Enoch sewed when he was just nine years old! He pulled them out and let Tucker wear them for the day. It was so much fun to see him in them! And Tucker was absolutely amazed to learn that Enoch made the clothes himself…when he was younger than Tucker is now!


Duck Dynasty Party Food

Pulling together a Duck Dynasty Party proved to be a simple endeavor. As always, my go to was Pinterest. You can see my Party Ideas Pinterest board here. It is my inspiration and collection for all of our themed parties.

Duck Dynasty Party Food and Decorations Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

Tucker’s birthday presents included: Uncle Si’s Duck Call, an Uncle Si Chia Pet, Uncle Si’s green cup and some  Duck Dynasty themed notebooks and folders. He was one happy boy!

Duck Dynasty Party Costume Ideas

Jubilee and her felt beard. Ew.Duck Dynasty Party Decorations

Enoch did these amazing line drawings. Aren’t they cool?Great ideas for a Duck Dynasty Party

Duck Dynasty Party Food ideas:

We checked out Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen: Faith, Family Food from our local library. I highly suggest getting this book! It is well-written and filled with beautiful images. We used the recipes for:

Willie’s Crazy Bread, Mexican Cornbread, Fresh Strawberry Pie, apple pie and Willie’s Deviled Eggs. I have to say, Willie’s Crazy Bread was good…but the Mexican Corn Bread? It was amazing! This recipe will be made again and again in our house.

We also served: Mallow Dogs, Pork Rind, Funions and sweet tea.

Duck Dynasty Party Decorations:

The best part about a Duck Dynasty Party? The more thrown together and cheap it looks the better. The cardboard and sharpie signs are much more fitting than fancy, printed labels. 

I found a duck decoy at Goodwill for $5.99

I purchased some little rubber ducks at the dollar store.

We printed  photos and memes from the internet and hung those on the wall. 

Green and black tablecloth, plates and silverware laid the backdrop for our party. 

We also included a mason jar with worms as fishing bait.

Duck Dynasty Party Game Ideas:

Duck, Duck, Commander (a variation of duck, duck, goose), pin the beard on the redneck, shooting NERF guns at duck decoys (the kids made some out of cardboard). 

This is one of the easiest parties I have thrown together and the kids had a great time! Happy birthday, Tucker!


  1. Ethel

    Yes! Happy birthday, Tucker!! May this year bless you with health and happiness.
    To Renee: an honest question, though, from a longtime reader: how do you talk to your children about the image of women presented by the DD show (or, indeed, the “meme” picture on one of the boxes, wherein a woman may be “ugly” but is nonetheless worth “going after” if she can cook [squirrel or whatever])? I don’t mean this question in the sense that others’ views (even as they may be inflated for the purpose of marketing) should be sanitized; rather, I wonder how you temper these messages with others of confidence for all of your children, or whether it’s an issue at all.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Hmmm…I haven’t really thought about what “image” of women is being presented. I’d be curious about your thoughts on that.

      Mrs. Kay stays at home and cooks and cleans for Phil…the other wives are more glamorous and (as Phil would say) yuppies. I have no idea if they work outside the home or not. I’m not worried about how my kids perceive the Robertson family nor do I think they will be taking advise about women from Phil.

      But if they were, isn’t the message of that meme, that looks aren’t important when selecting a wife?

      Ironically, one of my favorite songs (because I think its hilarious) is, If You Wanna Be Happy…which includes the lines:
      If you wanna be happy
      For the rest of your life,
      Never make a pretty woman your wife,
      So from my personal point of view,
      Get an ugly girl to marry you.

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