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Elvis Party Ideas {Tucker’s 11th Birthday}

Deep fried pickles for our Elvis party.

Post contains affiliate links.Food, games and ideas for a rocking Elvis party!We love throwing parties here in our house. Birthday parties, parties to celebrate books or movies we love or parties just for fun. We really enjoy coming up with a theme and running with it. I have to admit, though,  I was a bit surprised when Tucker told me he wanted an Elvis party. But I aim to please (especially for birthdays) so an Elvis party it was.Elvis party ideas: games, food and decorations.

Tucker set right to work making these giant Elvis LEGO figures. You might notice we have Elvis throughout the years….young Elvis, hippie Elvis in a white pantsuit and old man Elvis (in reference to this Rhett and Link video).

Elvis party ideas: games, food and decorations.

Elvis Party Decorations:

The decorations for this party were easy. I searched Amazon (where else?) for 50’s themed party supplies. There are hundreds of items to choose from. When throwing a themed party I generally decided on a few big (read: more expensive) decoration items and fill in with cheaper items that match the color theme. In this case, I splurged on:

Classic Car Party Food Boxes. The kids loved these! We used them to hold our food on the  table (instead of plates or bowls). It lent a 50’s feel to the table.

7″ Vinyl Records:  I thought we might do a craft with these, but we just used them as decorations. I will likely do something fun with them now that the party is over.

Switchblade Comb For Tucker to comb his hair with.

Inflatable guitars.

These were a huge hit and each guest got to take one home.

Elvis party ideas: games, food and decorations.

Our Elvis party menu was easy to decide on. I simply searched the web for Elvis’s favorite food. It turns out there are a TON of Elvis cookbooks! Who knew?

We settled on:

Peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches (surprisingly good!)

Deep Fried Pickles (these were a delight to our taste buds!)

Elvis Pretzels

Jailhouse Rocks <—these were Enoch’s idea.

Mini chocolate milkshakes 

French fries 

Be sure and serve Elvis pretzels at your Elvis party!

We enjoyed peanut butter, banana and bacon of Elvis' favorite foods.

Be sure and serve Jailhouse Rocks at your Elvis party.

Fifties diner themed food is perfect for your Elvis party.

Mini milkshakes are perfect for an Elvis party. 0c9a7168-18

Elvis Party Games. 

There are so many options for Elvis-themed games. But I learned something at this party…our family is weird. We have been doing themed parties in our home for over 10 years, it’s how we roll…but judging from my kids’ friends, they just don’t get it. With our homeschool friends, we had a ton of parties! We hosted a Pi Day Party, a Penny Pincher Party and even a Homeschool Party. My kids’ school friends seemed a bit baffled by the food we served at Tucker’s Duck Dynasty party last year, and I’m going to be honest, our Elvis party games were a flop. Some of the kids had never even heard of Elvis. 

Elvis Song Charades. 

I printed the titles of Elvis songs out on paper and the kids attempted to act them out. There are so many fun songs: Jailhouse Rock, Suspicious Eyes, Blue Suede Shoes, etc.

Elvis Kissing Booth…or Pin the Lips on Elvis. 

My idea was to print out an image of Elvis, blindfold the kids, spin them around and have them try to kiss him. We didn’t end up playing this, but I still think it’s a great idea.

50’s slang.

 Print up a sheet of authentic 50’s slang and have the guests match up the terms.

Lip synching or Karaoke

Musical Chairs (set to Elvis music). 

To prep for our party, I bought a DVD of Elvis movies. For the record, Jailhouse Rock was our favorite (and the inspiration for Tucker’s party day outfit).

Deep fried pickles for our Elvis party.

Deep fried pickles, anyone?

Inspirational ideas for a fun Elvis party.

Inspirational ideas for a fun Elvis party.

Don’t you just  love big brothers? Especially big brothers who give you hemorrhoid cream for your birthday?



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