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The Enchanted Hour & Picture Books to Enjoy with Your Children

Jbuilee, Avi, and Apollo reading.

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The Magic of Reading Aloud in Families. Enchanted Hour review.

The Enchanted Hour by Meghan Cox Gurdon

The Enchanted Hour is an amazing book about the importance of reading aloud.

Before I dive into my children’s book reviews, I want to share with you an amazing book I just finished. The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction by Meghan Cox Gurdon will very likely go down as the best non-fiction books I’ve read in 2020. We all know that reading to our children is important and I don’t want to rehash all the statistics or reasons. Just let me summarize it by saying that even though I am well-read and well-informed on the topic of reading to our children I learned a ton from this book. Please, if you are going to read a book this year, make it this one.

And now, on to some fun new books for children.

Things That Go Away is a perfect book for 2020.

Things That Go Away by Beatrice Alemagna

In life,

Many things go away.

The transform,

they pass by.

Things That Go Away is a soft introduction to the idea of loss. Sometimes loss is good, sometimes it’s sad. Alemanga talks about sleep, lice, dark thoughts, and wounds all going away. In beautiful prose and calming pictures, loss and going away is explored. A great book for all children.

Things That Go Away is a gentle book that introduces children to change and loss...both good and bad.

The illustrations are each covered with a vellum page which can be turned to change the picture.

We have all felt loss in 2020. From big things like jobs and income and school to small things like a trip to the park with friends. Things That Go Away is a timeless book that has extra meaning right now.

Lion Needs a Haircut by Hyweon Yum

Lion Needs a Haircut review

Lion needs a hair but…but then again, who doesn’t this year? Father lion tells his son that he needs a haircut.

“No I don’t” says his son.

So ensues a battle of wills that every parent can relate to. Father lion tries to tell his son not to worry or be scared…and the son insists that he isn’t worried or scared, he just doesn’t want a haircut…

Lion Needs a Haircut review

Father explains that he used to be afraid of scissors and haircuts…

But what happens when father lion needs a haircut? Any stubborn or haircut resistant child will enjoy the story and solution to this dilemma.

Dancing Through Fields of Color

Dancing Through Fields of Color: The Story of Helen Frankenthaler by Elizabeth Brown illustrated by Aimee Sicuro

Abram Books for Younger Readers

This book tells the true story of the artist, Helen Frankenthaler. Like many great artists, she didn’t like to color in the lines or be told how to draw or paint. She wanted to do her her way or no way at all. 

Dancing Through Fields of Color Review

Helen’s parents encouraged her love of art and color, even while teachers tried to get her to “do it right” Helen was devastated by her father’s death when she was just 11….and she seems unable to draw or paint.

Eventually, she finds solace through her art, begins painting and again, and in a lifechanging moment meets Jackson Pollak who inspires her with his technique. This is another inspiring story of art and perseverance. 

To the Moon and Back for You is a heartwarming book about infertility.

To the Moon and Back for You by Emilia Bechrakis art by EG Keller

Random House Children’s Books

Author’s Note:

“Ever since I was a little girl ,I dreamed of being a mother….I never imagined that becoming a mom would be so hard. Everyone around us seemed to be having a baby with such ease, but our road to parenthood was long and complicated…I wanted to write this book for those mothers and fathers who have had a similar road to parenthoot. I wanted any parent to be albeit o star this story-our story, your story- with their own miracle baby, to express how much they were wanted and loved before they even arrived.”

To the Moon and Back for You review.

This book about the struggle to have a baby is heartfelt and beautiful. The colorful illustrations beautifully demonstrate the effort put in by struggling couples to finally end up with the baby they have longed for. This book would be a great Mother’s Day or baby shower book to any parent who has struggled through and overcome infertility. It is a beautiful way to explain the longing and struggle to become a family. Any child conceived after a long struggle will appreciate this book.

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  1. Elizabeth Halcombe

    Thanks for recommending “The Enchanted Hour.” I read it yesterday and LOVED it and will be sharing with my mom (a teacher) soon. It’s one of my favorites from this year too!

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