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Fall Family Update

Jubilee enjoyed her first trip to Mod Pizza

Large family. Stair step kids in Land's End pajamas.

As a child, I always dreamed of having a large family. I wanted to spend my life surrounded by babies and children. Well, I definitely accomplished that. Amazingly, I made it, fully intact, through the years of two under two, three under three, four under four, etc until we have TEN UNDER TEN. Long nights of nursing and co-sleeping, days filled with diapers (which were also filled), hours of reading to kids, cooking, laundry.

I won’t lie and say I loved every moment, because I don’t love being puked on, having a sick baby smear snot into my nipples, or parenting while recovering from wisdom tooth surgery. I will say though, I love being a mom and love having the houseful of children that I always dreamed of. While I am a baby lover for sure, it is just so much fun to have a house full of teens. We can enjoy the same books, movies, and games.

Jubilee enjoyed her first trip to Mod Pizza

Earlier this week I had to head down to Seattle and Jubilee came along just to keep me company. It was so much fun to have her along on the drive. I treated her to her first ever trip to Mod Pizza which she loved just as much as I do.

Beautiful fall leaves in the Pacific Northwest

While you always hear people talking about the difficult teen years, I will tell you that the 11-13 range has been hardest for us. Maybe is it just my kids, but by the time they have turned 14 most are mellowing out. By 16, they have pretty much been a dream.

And adult children? They are the best of all.¬†I think it is a well-kept secret just how great adult children are. You invest 18 years into parenting and then suddenly you have these amazing humans (some of which you made yourself) to talk with, laugh with, and hang out with. It’s pretty amazing.

Fall weather aways makes me eager to knit.

Chilly fall air always makes me eager to knit.

Ben, Iris, and Percival continue to do well. Ben and Iris bought the property where they are building a house and barn/shops for Ben’s thriving farrier and blacksmith business. Both are hard, tireless workers and adventurers who are bent on making their dreams come true.

Tilly and Jared are doing great. Now that Tilly has her visa in order she is working three days a week for her in-laws. They own a construction company where Jared is General Manager.

Have I mentioned on here that Ben, Iris, Percy, Tilly, and Jared are all coming home for Christmas? I can hardly wait.

Chuck and Greg take their Pandemic very seriously.

Chuck and Greg take their Pandemic seriously…

Judah, after working for a year as a dispatcher for the State Patrol has now been hired as a Trooper Cadet. This takes him one giant step closer to his dream of being a police officer. He leaves for WSP Academy later this month.

Enoch is, of course, working hard at Central Washington University. He is majoring in business with a focus on leadership.

Brilliant blue sky in the Pacific Northwest

And me? I am spending most of my time with my friends Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue. While they are dependable, they are not exactly great company.

Also, remember this post? We are still deep in the trenches here. Once again, 99% of this falls to me because of Chuck’s work schedule. And I hate that. My days are filled with phone calls and appointments which has left very little time for photography and blogging.


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