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The LEGO Store

Our other errand on ECHO day was a trip to the LEGO store for Enoch’s birthday. Enoch is a saver when it comes to his money and both sets of grandparents gave him money for his birthday, so he had quite a wad of cash to spend. It was so much fun to see him carefully examine each set.

He ended up with the mother lode of LEGO sets (the pink ones are for Kalina’s birthday. Don’t tell her…or my friend Emily. She’ll disown me).

Now that’s a LEGO bag.

And this is what yesterday looked like.

Happy Birthday, Enoch!

{By the way, I accidentally hit “publish” yesterday when my post was only half done. I was heading out the door to the doctor’s office and didn’t realize my mistake until I started getting comments. If my post ended rather abruptly, you may want to go back and see if you only read the first part.}


  1. Danielle

    Just curious, do you let your kids spend their money on anything they want? Mine are only 22mo and 5mo so it all goes into a savings account for now, but I see other friends letting their 4yo spend $50 on matchbox cars when he already has 100s of them. Just wondered how you did that…I keep going back and forth between the “its their money” and “that’s a waste” At least LEGOs are open ended/versatile…

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Danielle, great question! Our kids rarely have money to spend. We don’t do an allowance (it’s not something we can afford at this point) so the older girls babysit, the boys get an ocassional job and the little kids just don’t have access to money. To answer your question though, like everything, we try to strike a balance. Enoch had worked hard for that money and I had no problem with him spending it all on LEGO. If he wanted to buy gumballs or something, I probably wouldn’t have allowed it. Generally the kids discuss purchases with us if for no other reason than they have to ask for a ride to the store! They have to work so hard for it though, and they’re older, so they usually don’t spend it on junk. Some people would consider Tilly’s Duck Tape collection a waste of money, but you know what? It’s a hobby for her. No different than Adalia’s knitting or if she were buying beads.

  2. Kristal

    My boys LOVE the lego store. We just got one in our area and the Grandparents have taken them a few times. For Christmas they got the trash truck – it is so cool!

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