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Homeschooling {3rd, 4th and 6th grade}

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Jubilee, age 8

First, a few words about Apollo. Thank you again for your comments and input. Chuck and I are discussing high calorie food options. He is so very difficult to feed and after talking to the pulmonologist I wonder if it isn’t just too much work for him. I know if I had to eat dinner while running on a treadmill I’d opt for a smoothie over a taco. What is so mind-numbingly frustrating is the doctors who care for and exam Apollo will never be in the same room together. His primary doctor, the ENT, the pulmonologist and the doctors from his hospital stay will never be together to discuss their findings. It is all notes or second hand information from me. Grrrr.

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But onto homeschooling.

Life of Fred Elementary a blog reader alerted me to the fact that Life of Fred is releasing a set of elementary books. I can’t tell you how excited I am about these. You can be sure we will be purchasing these as soon as they are available.

Other than that, these three will be doing essential the same books Hezekiah is, but in different levels. We will do weekly drawing lessons from The Drawing Textbook. We will do Bible reading and Bible memory. Scout badges will be worked on.

Right now I am working on coming up with our weekly schedule.

Loosely it will look like this: math, handwriting, spelling, Wordly Wise every day.

Weekly we will do Story of the World together (2-3 times). I read the chapter aloud, the children color or fill out outlines (depending on age) we do the mapwork, read corresponding books and do a project.

I will do literature weekly with Adalia, Judah and Tilly. Any great books suggestions? Last year we did Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm. I am considering: Farenheit 451 to start with.

Enoch, Kalina, Jubilee and Hezekiah will work through Daily Science books. Once a week we will do projects from SuperCharged Science. SuperCharged Science is an awesome real life science program for kids. We love it.

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We will also be using: Easy to Read Shakespeare (at Tilly’s request), What’s Lurking in This House?. I highly recommend any of these Graphic Novels. My kids LOVE them.

And that’s where I am with planning so far. Next up: Kindergarten for Avi and Tucker.


  1. MegCan

    I am a longtime reader/lurker, but I just had to stick my head in the suggest “To Kill a Mockingbird”!
    Have your children read the Harry Potter books?

  2. Robyn

    Another thought on Apollo: There’s a naturopath at Seattle Children’s (Nick Labriola) who might be a good contact. I used to work at SCH (in residency) and I was really impressed by his knowledge of both naturopathic and allopathic medicine, and his ability to integrate natural medicine with a doctor’s plan. And because he’s at SCH, he might be able to be in the same room with you and your pulmonologist, at least.

  3. Sarah

    I would recommend the book “The Outsiders”. They also made a movie that was pretty good, and just as a fun reading book, “The Rangers Apprentice.”

  4. joabair

    I think I posted this here before so forgive me if I am repeating myself but I really really strongly think you should look into slippery elm for Apollo. Read about it on mountain rose herbs and talk to a naturalist, it is so helpful for any type of mucous problems, fixes any issues with digestion, throat issues, weight gain issues, it is an amazing herb. It is super gentle, it wont hurt him at all. You could eat it daily and it wouldnt hurt you.

  5. Caroline

    If your older kids haven’t read The Hunger Games series yet I recommend it. There the kind of books you can out down, but are also an allegory to the modern world and the distribution of wealth. I also recommend Sold by Patrica McCormick and As I Lay Dying by Faulkner

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