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Christmas Movie Night {and Hot Artichoke Dip!}

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Last night was our third Annual Christmas Movie Night. It has only been the past few years that we have owned a TV and DVD player, so my kids are not very familiar with Christmas movies new or old.  I always try to pick a lighthearted movie (in years past it was Jingle All the Way and Elf). No moral lessons or seriousness for these nights, just good, clean fun.

Annual Christmas Movie Night and Hot Chocolate Bar

I find prepping for our movie nights to be almost as much fun as the movie night itself. This time it included a trip to Walmart to buy the ingredients for Hot Artichoke Dip and our movie, The Santa Clause.

Before I saw this recipe I had no idea you could actually make artichoke dip. I feel kind of dumb typing that, but I didn’t even know how or where to buy an artichoke…as it turns out the dip is quick and easy to make…so quick and easy (and delicious) that Tilly made it twice last week!

Hot Artichoke Dip

You can find the Hot Artichoke Dip Recipe here, but really its as easy as mixing the ingredients together and popping it in the oven. The hardest part was chopping the slippery canned artichokes.

Artichoke Dip-25Hot artichoke dip recipe

To make the Hot Artichoke Dip:

Chop one 14 oz can of artichokes

Chop one clove of garlic

Combine those ingredients with 1 cup KRAFT Real Mayo Mayonnaise

1 cup KRAFT Parmesan cheese.

Place in baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Once the dip was in the oven, I set up with decorations. It is always amazing to me how a few themed colors, cups and straws can make things so festive. Those straws are actually cake pop sticks, but worked so much better than the paper straws I have purchased in the past. They were much thicker and more durable and actually lasted through a cup of hot chocolate!

Christmas Movie and Hot artichoke dip Christmas Movie-13

Hot chocolate and candy canes were enjoyed by all…I know that looks like one grumpy bunch of children, but believe me they were having fun! We even managed the entire movie without a single hot chocolate spill…my children must be growing up.

I have found over the years that one of the most important parts of family traditions is simply the anticipation that leads up to the event…And now, one more happy memory made.

What are your favorite  traditions? Do you enjoy the prep or does add stress?

Artichoke Dip Recipe

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  1. Anna

    One of our favorite traditions is having a family slumber party on the 23rd. We watch every. single. Christmas movie we have in our collection, ending with It’s a Wonderful Life. One by one, the kids drop off to sleep (they get sleeping bags on the floor, I get the couch). I wake them up super early in the morning with hot chocolate. The kids think this is the best tradition, but they have no idea I’m actually manipulating my Christmas Eve…by the time bedtime rolls around on Christmas Eve, they are so tired from their sleepless night that they head straight to bed and fall asleep instantly…and I don’t have to stay up late waiting for my night owls to fall asleep.

    This year I am adding your Hot Artichoke Dip to my list of yummy things to make!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      You will not regret making the Hot Artichoke Dip! And great idea for the 23rd…it doesn’t make your kids cranky? We got to church on Christmas eve, so I’d be afraid of over-tired kids.

  2. Kate Corbett

    I LOVE cooking, but this is actually something I find difficult having young children. Of course they want to help and of course I want to be the good mom who doesn’t care about he mess and welcomes them in….in reality, I miss quiet hours to make elaborate meals for the holidays.

    Cooking is probably my favorite part. The holidays are a very difficult time for me emotionally.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      The cooking part is stressful for me. I feel like there are so many expectations and I don’t like the pressure. I just want to enjoy the holidays. This recipe is way easy though.

  3. Erin

    We have recently discovered basically that same dip. The only difference being 1/2 cup chives instead of the garlic. We have also started adding pine nuts which is a winner. We serve it with toasted slices of turkish bread.

  4. joanncrohn

    I really need to start some family traditions. My son is 1 though so he always requires a little extra attention. This looks like a fantastic way to spend some together time with very little added stress.

  5. HonestAndTruly

    I would definitely never make artichoke dip if I had to do it with fresh chokes. They’re not easy to deal with. The jarred ones are so much easier and perfect for recipes like this. I always buy ones that are sliced in half in the jar, which definitely makes slicing them easier!

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