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It’s My Birthday I’ll Rant if I Want To…

It's my birthday so I'll rant if I want to.

Today is my birthday so I thought I’d  take full advantage and rant.Because I’m 41 and I can. First off, though, if you are looking to buy me a gift I would really love this sign. And before I begin my Birthday Rant, how about you soak in the joy and beauty of the photos below.

It's my birthday so I'll rant if I want to.

Yes, that’s me and my mom and I know you are totally jealous of her hair. She’s totally jealous of her hair. I was born in December of 1975 so this photo must be from 1976. And her shirt and fake pearls? I mean really. Who didn’t love the 70’s? And while we’re admiring my baby photos you will probably notice my own children (as babies) most definitely resemble my side of the family. It's my birthday so I'll rant if I want to.

And speaking of being jealous here I am with my dad. Talk about stylish! The swirly, flowery psychedelic shirt and powder blue pants to match? Who knew my parents were so totally with it? 

It's my birthday so I'll rant if I want to.

And while we are on the topic of being hip and living in the 70’s…clearly my mom cared about fashion. I mean, a shirt with rainbows? An orange vest and pants with a paisley pattern? And before you jump to any conclusions from this photo…my parents didn’t use drugs and were total teetotalers. I know it looks like my oldest brother got dressed after a wild party, middle child has smug, Cheshire-like grin. And me? I’ve obviously just pulled an all-nighter. 

Now, for my birthday rants:

  1. It is cold and houses need to be heated.

I grew up in Alaska. Every single winter of my childhood was cold and every Christmas was white. Now that I live in Pacific Northwest Washington I’m often more miserable in the cold than I was in Alaska. Why you ask? Because people here hate to turn on the heat! Because we don’t always need it they wait until the last possible moment to turn it on. Church is cold. Coffee shops are cold. Everything outside of my house is cold. All the years we did Cub Scouts I froze all winter in the church that hosted our monthly meetings. The meeting either took place in the basement or upper rooms which were. not. heated. 

And now I can’t think of a single thing to rant about. So I guess that’s it. Turn on your heat, people. I already wear wool socks, thermal shirts, hoodies and a down jacket. And contrary to popular belief you can’t “always add another layer”


  1. Melpub

    Rant if you wanna! Rant if you wanna!
    I finished high school in 1975 and these photos take me back: you shoulda seen me in my landlubber bell bottoms, embroidered with “War Is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things” plus my peasant shirt and long hair parted down the middle. Buffalo sandals. My daughter says, “Eeeew, Mom, really?”
    Happy Birthday! I recommend long underwear–Woolworth’s usually had great quality long underwear.

    • Renee

      And seriously? My parents were the furthest thing EVER from hippies! My dad was raised by traveling evangelists and never rebelled against that. They raised us a strict evangelical Christians. But as I said, my mom obviously cared about fashion!!!

  2. Jessica

    I’m with you on the pnw heat issue. I grew up in the south, we are all about climate control in either direction. I freeze here because the power costs are so high no one wants to run the heating properly. I’m living in layers and still chilled. I don’t think wanting to be comfortable is unreasonable. I’m not asking for being a comfortable temp naked just, maybe I can wear just socks and a long sleeve shirt in my home instead of socks, slippers, long sleeve, sweater, and still use a blanket on the couch.

    • Renee

      Exactly! Last winter, every single day I work: a tank/bra, a thermal shirt, a t-shirt and a hoodie…plus wool socks and often a knit hat. Please tell me where I could “just add another layer”. Snow pants? Snow boots? And this was to stay warm indoors. I wore long johns to church this morning.

  3. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    LOL – I can’t stand the cold but it can get cold here in Alberta. The difference… EVERYONE turns their heat on, which is important when it’s minus anything!

    Happy Birthday! I love the photos and I also learned:

    1- You share the same birthday as my brother (and Brad Pitt)
    2- There is a 1 year and 6 day age difference between us!

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day and many blessings to you in the year to come!

    • Renee

      Brad and Angie are totally my BFFs! Brad and I share a birthday and Angie and I are both the same age. Not to mention our large families and adopted kids.
      Thanks for the happy birthday wishes.

  4. Earl

    With my matching jacket that was my blue leisure suit. Add the matching blue socks and psychedelic shirt and I was super cool! John Travolta had nothing on me!

  5. Savannah

    Hah! I live in Georgia, but I am with you so much on the heating thing. Not saying I have nearly the excuse you have, but these 40 degree temps are driving me bananas and I’m ALWAYS COLD! Love your blog!

  6. Kristal

    The church I go to bible study doesn’t turn their heat on for us. If they do I don’t feel it. We all where our coats the whole night. It was -11 outside this past week so I went for the small group time and then left. I just couldn’t be cold any longer so I forgo the lecture. Why oh why can’t they turn the heat on????

  7. Martyna

    Based on your list of winter indoor clothing (in a comment above) it’s a good thing that you don’t live here in NZ! That’s what I wear indoors, in Auckland, for most of our winter. I wouldn’t cope in central North Island or the South Island where it actually snows! Our houses are often not properly insulated and only in recent years have heat pumps become more common. Bring your thermals if you come to visit Adalia in winter!! Happy birthday!

  8. Emily J

    Happy Birthday!
    I’m in Vancouver BC and its the same thing here. I was wearing 5 layers to work last week. I was the same where is that other layer going to go??? I finally got the heat turned on when I brought a blanket to work….

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