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I Survived First Grade Gingerbread House Day

I need an "I survived first grade gingerbread house day" badge.

I need an "I survived first grade gingerbread house day" badge.

I kind of feel like I need an I Survived First Grade Gingerbread House Day badge. Do they have those? If not, there is a small business idea for one of you out there. Or maybe I should just start my own Beads of Courage program for moms…beads for school field trips, first band concert, when your kid vomits at school….the possibilities are endless.I need an "I survived first grade gingerbread house day" badge.

Actually, first-grade gingerbread house day turned out to be much less chaotic than kindergarten gingerbread house day…even with less help from courageous adults such as myself. Apollo worked slowly and meticulously and thankfully was totally fine with the roof caving in. He just kept up the work of decorating the house…and washing his hands.   I need an "I survived first grade gingerbread house day" badge.

Like many kids with oral aversions, Apollo doesn’t like to get his hands dirty or sticky. He is the first of my kids to even care about something like that. Most of the time I find it a rather charming trait. Who doesn’t love a little kid who likes clean hands?

And today we hosted 11? 12? Friends from school while we decorated cookies (a family tradition). It was fun and much less noisy than anticipated. Here is a parenting tip for you:

When your kids have their friends over, have them ALL have their friends over at the same time.  This means you prep once, endure once and clean-up after once. AND, your kids are each preoccupied with their own friends.

You’re welcome.


  1. simonanderin

    I had no idea the oral aversion and the sticky hands thing commonly went together. That’s totally my son. When he was younger he would scream if he had a crumb on the back of his hand, despite his face being covered in crumbs. It also applied to a drop of water on the top of his sippy cup. To say nothing of the foods he wouldn’t eat….. Fun times. He’s still never endured facepaint.

    If it helps you at all, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. We went with you have to try things, but if you don’t like them you don’t have to eat the rest. He’s now an incredibly adventurous eater, and even tried snails when we went to France last year!

  2. Anna

    Whatever happened to those badges you used to get? There was a breastfeeding one and one that looked like a shot … I think you got that one when Enoch sliced his artery …. I can’t remember the test, but I remember how cool you were with your big van and 14 kids … and I just had a mini van and only 4 …. hahahaha!

    • Renee

      I still have those, unfortunately, they don’t sell them anymore. I am seriously considering the idea of designing stickers to pass out…

    • Renee

      Yes, I have a ton more pictures but only posted the ones that didn’t show other kids’ faces. And I agree, great photo bomb!

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