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Frodo the Labradoodle: Man’s Best Friend

Black and white dandelion macro lens.
Apollo and Frodo the labradoodle.

Summer is here. Sometimes. Weather in the Pacific Northwest can be unpredictable. We have a had a few warm, sunny days filled with hope and love and all things good…and lots of gray, chilly days, when we wonder if summer will ever arrive.

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Frodo the labradoodle

There hasn’t been any school since March, so it feels like it’s always vacation, but never summer. We have been sticking to our state’s social distancing rules, which means no friends, no outings, etc.

Kalina practicing social distancing.

Now that our county is in Stage Two, we are allowed to visit with a limited number of people while still keeping our distance. Kalina clearly has it nailed.

For non-huggy-introverts like me, it’s a dream come true.

Apollo chilling in the hammock.

One of the best purchases I’ve made this year has to be this hammock from Amazon. It was under $30 and came with everything we needed to hang it up.

Apollo loves exploring our property.
Apollo, age nine, in the woods.

Apollo has been spending more and more time with Frodo. All of his siblings are teens or adults while, at nine, he is still a kid. His siblings have work and school and other obligations, which leaves him with “no one to play with”.

Black and white photo of Frodo the labradoodle.

Thankfully, Frodo seems to be filling the gap. Three or four times a day Apollo will call Frodo to go outside with him. He does exactly what little boys were meant to do. He finds special sticks. He swings them around. He wanders through our property, looking for adventure, his trusty canine friend by his side. It’s hard to know who benefits more from the relationship.

Frodo, labradoodle, running through the buttercups.
Apollo and Frodo in the buttercups.

Apollo the Mighty Slug-Hunter

Maco photo of a slug in the Pacific Northwest.

Apollo also knows that I have strange love/hate relationship with slugs. I mean, I’ll admit they’re a bit gross…all slimy and textured and moist…

Pacific Northwest slug- macro photography

But at the the same time, they have a strangly captivating beauty to them.

Macro photo of a slug in the Pacific Northwest.

Anytime Apollo finds an “interesting” slug he comes and gets me so I can take photos.

A slug in a buttercup in the Pacific Northwest.
A pacific northwest slug.
Macro photography shots of flowers and bugs.
Slug on a rotten tree in the Pacific Northwest.
Black and white dandelion macro lens.

How’s the weather where you live?



  1. corinne gonz

    had to laugh when you said how you felt about slugs. My older sister is also and you would think she was having a heart attack when she sees one.

  2. Anna

    Love the slug photos! It’s been a great year for them…not so much for my gardening friends. One lost 300 pumpkin plants overnight. Makes me feel glad I didn’t get around to gardening. I’ve been loving staying at home too…I think I’ve transitioned to introvert…

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