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Pacific Northwest Summer Days

We are enjoying our Pacific Northwest summer. But I have to be honest…

Pacific Northwest summers are much like my preteen children.

It is fickle. It changes its mind (and temperature) frequently and without warning. 

Its unpredictable. Some days we happy and upbeat, others gloomy and dour. Often both of those in the same day…within the same hour.

We had hot weather in the 80’s in May…and now it has been cloudy, rainy and overcast (often not climbing above the 60’s) for the past couple of weeks. 

The moment you have it figured out (set up the pool!) it changes its mind (build a fire!).

But we love it all the same.There is nothing more perfect than a day spent in the water with the kids and some devious snacks for the moms.

A little planning make beach days a breeze.

Cool, gloomy weather doesn’t keep us at home. We still love to get outdoors. 

A little planning make beach days a breeze.

Chilling in the sand…

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Anna

    It’s warm and humid in North Carolina. This is our first summer here. We moved last summer from the Central Valley of CA where it was blazing hot and dry! We are enjoying the change of pace sand the afternoon thunderstorms!

  2. simonanderin

    Rural NSW, Australia. We had snow the other week near here. Snow! We only get snow near here on really cold years. That being said we’re going to get highs of over 20C this week (around 70F). So I really can’t complain.

      • childlanguagedevelopment

        I know. I had a student from my school stay with me the other week. His normal host family live in the blue “mountains”. He was soooooo upset that while he stayed here, it snowed there and it had cleared up before he went back to that place! Wish it snowed in Sydney….

        • simonanderin

          Yep, my son was in the Blue Mountains last week. The place across the road from where he was staying in Katoomba posted a photo of snow on their site on Thursday. And on Wednesday a friend in Mt Victoria posted that it was snowing. No idea where the photo had come from because he said it didn’t snow at all.

  3. Solemna

    Here in the South of Germany summers can be really hot and dry. Last year there was no rain for almost 4 weeks and the temperature was up to 40 degree every day. But this year its all about the rain. We have had floodings in villages, little streams got so big that they destroyed countless houses and streets. A couple of people died. We get a hot weekend or a couple of sunny warm days followed by a week of cold rainy weather. Here in Bavaria schools not over for summer yet so we are hoping for a warm nice August. But we will spend lots of time outside (mostly at the outside pool) anyway.

    • Renee

      We go from cool summers some years to stiflingly hot summers other years. I don’t know how long you’ve been reading, but last summer we had wildfires on the mountain right next to us. It was HOT and dry.

    • Renee

      No, but it kind of looks like him! We went to Owen’s 7th birthday party last weekend, but I forgot my camera 🙁

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