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5 Quirky Places to Visit in Bellingham, Washington

5 Quirky Places to Visit in Bellingham, WashingtonGreat places to visit in Bellingham

Why Bellingham, Washington?

Chuck and I moved to Bellingham in 1999 with three-year-old Adalia, one-year-old Judah, and 6-month old Tilly. We had spent just under a year in British Columbia, Canada (where Chuck and Tilly were born) and were headed back to the USA so Chuck didn’t lose his Green Card. We used to drive down to Washington, just check out the cities. We drove through Mt. Vernon, Burlington, Anacortes, and Sedro Wolley…finally deciding to settle in our favorite city, Bellingham.

Why Bellingham? We loved the small (but not too small) town feel. We loved how it has everything: mountains, the ocean, amazing hiking trails. I love how family friendly, green and hippy-esque our little city is. Yep, it’s true, I love Bellingham!

Here are some of my favorite Quirky Bellingham Destinations!

Mallard Ice Cream Bellingham WA

1. Mallard Ice Cream

Mallard Ice Cream serves up traditional ice cream as well as some really off-the-wall flavors such as avocado, licorice, cinnamon (with ghost peppers) and vanilla black sesame. My personal favorite is espresso (I guess I don’t have that sophisticated of a palate). Mallard Ice Cream is in downtown Bellingham and has a cute, quirky interior. Their ice cream is superb and it is definitely worth your time if you are visiting.

Homeschooling at Village Books

2. Village Books

You might remember we homeschooled here a couple of months back. Enoch and Kalina loved exploring all of the books and I loved the quiet upstairs room where they served delicious coffee. Books and coffee? Throw in some baby alpaca yarn at that might just be the definition of perfect (as long as it was located on a tropical beach, of course).


3. The Woods Coffee

The Woods Coffee is a local coffee shop that has gotten wildly popular. We now have numerous locations in  Bellingham. I’m going to be honest…I don’t really like their coffee. It has a very distinct flavor which many people (my parents included) love…But for me? Not so much. Despite that, the interiors of The Woods Coffee are beautiful, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and their Monster Cookies are pretty darn good. And their blended drinks? Those are delicious! My friends often like to meet at The Woods for coffee as do a lot of my clients.

Rocket donuts is a fun, vintage space -themed donut shop.

4. Rocket Donuts

I’ve blogged about Rocket Donuts a few times (here and here). I love the retro space theme…especially since I have a son named Apollo. I have been known to go to Rocket Donuts just to take photos (and eat donuts of course; always say yes to a fresh donut). This is also located in downtown Bellingham, though Rocket Donuts has recently opened a second location in Fairhaven.

connecting with kids

5. Boomer’s Drive-In

Boomer’s Drive-In has been voted “Best Burger in Bellingham” time and time again. I think I agree. Not only do they have an old-fashioned drive-in (you know, the type where the waiter waits/comes out to your car) their food is delicious! I have taken some of my children here and it has gotten a hearty thumbs up from every one of them. You might remember a couple of our visits I wrote about here and here.

So there you have it, some of my favorite destinations in Bellingham. Do you have any local favorites where you live?


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