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School Update {March 2013}

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Our little homeschool has hit the mid year point. Judah, Tilly and Enoch work pretty much independently. They only need me for the occasional question and to check over their work. I have so many happy memories of read aloud books and unit studies and projects done in years past. I am happy to see that at the junior high and high school level they have made the transition to more independent work.homeschool, homeschooling, homeschool toddler, curly hair toddler

Kalina has always struggled more with academics than any of our other biological children (I make the distinction because our adopted children all have known special needs that affect their learning). She was a late reader (like Enoch) but unlike Enoch she didn’t just “catch up” as soon as her reading was in place. I’m a big believer in giving children time to develop at their own pace, but not to the exclusion of seeking help when it’s needed.homeschool, homeschool toddler, homeschooling, curly hair toddler

She works at grade level in everything (except math where she is a year behind), but it is harder than it seems like it should be. With the recent discovery of her hearing loss, I believe I’ve found what’s “wrong”. Since learning about her hearing loss, I’ve made small changes. I always sit next to her “good” ear as I work with her. We’ve moved her place at the table (she was sitting at the end with her “bad” ear toward the family and her “good” ear toward the wall). Just being aware has helped immensely. She has an appointment with an ENT this Friday and I am eager to get her treatment (likely a hearing aid).homeschool, homeschool toddler, homeschooling, curly hair toddler

I am already making plans for homeschooling a few of my little ones in the fall (assuming Apollo’s health holds steady). Mordecai and Avi will continue to attend school where they have IEP’s and get the specialized help they need.

Mordecai has continued to better than expected. He has been able to memorize his multiplication and division facts this year.  He lags behind significantly in reading, writing and verbal communication. Socially he does wonderful in school. He has made friends and listens to his teachers. Mordecai was diagnosed with FASD at age 2.5, so these are amazing accomplishments for him!

homeschool, switched on schoolhouse, homeschool teen

Tilly, thrilled to be working her way through 9th grade.

Avi is struggling academically and socially. I did get a chuckle out of this statement: “she is working on an appropriate smile, smiling when she is happy, not when someone else is in trouble”. Ah, that’s my Avi. She does enjoy going to school, which is a help.

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Jubilee has shown herself to be a good and eager student. She raises her hand frequently, is one of the top readers in her class and almost always gets 100% on her spelling tests. She must get that from her Uncle David.

homeschool, homeschooling teen, homeschool life pac

Enoch, age 13030413_0606 blog

Boba Fett helps Apollo with his math.

Tucker is doing well, staying well ahead of his peers in math and reading. He is eager to be done with public school and back to homeschooling. Well, not really back since I hadn’t started officially homeschooling him yet…but you know.hezekiah test

And then there is Hezekiah. We’ve always known he was “smart” but I think these test scores speak for themselves. The orange line is the district average, the light blue line is the norm group average and the dark blue line is Hezekiah. He is the only one who came home with this particular sheet of paper in with his report card,  so I think his is the only grade that took it.

And Adalia continues to do well in Community College. She is keeping up, learning great study skills and making new friends.

Well, I think that sums it up. My children run the gamut from one end of the spectrum to the other. And I love each and every one of them.


    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      The older three are currently at Job Corps. I didn’t include them in the rundown because this was specifically a school related post. Boaz is about to graduate and is considering a move to Ohio where he has a friend from Liberia. Keziah still hopes to pursue a career in hair dressing and Ezra is working toward his GED and job training.

  1. Chenning

    I love these kinds of posts! Sounds like it has been a full year for everyone – neat to see how each and every child is unique. How are the older children enjoying Switched On Schoolhouse? I am curious about this program and would love your (and your kids’) two cents about it. Thanks! Chenning

  2. Economies of Kale

    I’m so glad everyone is going well at school 🙂 You’ve reminded me of a question I wanted to ask you -do you send lunches with your school kids and what do you pack? I’m always on the lookout for more lunch ideas (for myself!).

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