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Sprinkler Fun

IMG_0980_6736 blog

I hope you never worry about Apollo being the youngest of 14 children. Believe me, he can hold his own. Don't just take my word for it…I have proof.

IMG_0946_6717 blog

Yes, he did run over to the sprinkler, pick it up and proceed to spray his older siblings. 

Yes, he's going to do just fine…

IMG_0956_6722 blog

He looks pretty satisfied, don't you think?

IMG_0981_6737 blog

Jubilee practiced her cartwheels when she wasn't being sprayed by her baby brother.

IMG_0982_6738 blog

A fun time for all…



  1. Wendy Simmons

    the picture of Apollo running away is so darling! he is such a beautiful child. continuing to pray for him & his weight/breathing issues.

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