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Thanksgiving and the Deck of Death

This space has sat abandoned and empty for a few days simply because I have been spending very little time on the computer. I have popped in a few times to check my email, I have posted photos on Instagram, but mostly I have been spending time with my family.

large family blogMost of Thanksgiving Day was spent at the hospital photographing little Willow’s entrance into the world. I was spoiled by a Thanksgiving dinner (and Starbucks coffee) delivered to me  in the waiting room of the hospital by Willow’s grandparents. I came home for  few hours in the morning, but headed back to the hospital before our actual Thanksgiving meal. Chuck is always in charge of the turkey and my kids are well equipped to work in the kitchen, so things were well under control.

large family blog

Putting together puzzles is one of our fun Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions.

large family blog

Friday we began to rip down the Deck of Death, so named because of its many dangers. Crossing this to our front door can be compared to that scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana is running for his life out of the collapsing temple…to cross safely you had to avoid holes (that had been patched repeatedly) and soft boards that looked safe but were on the verge of collapse. Just ask Adalia, she once sunk through up to her thigh. Jubilee too.large family blog

As much fun as that was (we are thrill-seekers after all) we decided to tear down the Deck of Death. In a perfect world with no debt and healthy kids, we’d pour a concrete patio. In our actual world, we are spreading crushed rock until we can afford concrete (are you reading this, Dave Ramsey?)large family blog

Besides, I think Tucker is way cuter than Indiana…or Harrison Ford. large family blog

We planned our deck project to coincide with Chuck’s long weekend and David’s visit.

large family blog

We had a bit of extra excitement when a crazy chainsaw wielding man happened to cut my internet connection.

Somehow we tapped into the pioneering spirit of our forefathers and survived a full 24 hours without internet. We came through the trial stronger as individuals and as a more closely knit family.

Okay, not really.

I hope you had a fabulous holiday, wherever and however you spent it. And here is the video  the kids and our friend, Greg, spent about 6 hours working on…



  1. Kristal Davis

    Our Thanksgiving weekend was much quieter… well except for one moment.

    My Mom always hosts and cooks all the food for Thanksgiving. We do the dishes. Easy stuff.

    My husband had to work Friday and Saturday. I got to knit all day Friday while my children were at various things. Then on Saturday my boys were gone all day while the girls and I just hung out at the house {and maybe I did more knitting}. Until I got a call from the adult with my sons. Seems my oldest accidentally cut the side of his wrist with his knife opening a package for her. Took him to the ER and got two stitches.

    And today we had church, a funeral, and then decorated the inside of the house for Christmas minus the tree which we will cut down Friday.

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