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Thankfulness {Large Family}

Five years ago we announced at Thanksgiving dinner that we were expecting a new baby. The kids erupted in joyous applause; the girls screamed and literally cried with joy. Our large family was about to expand.

This year, Adalia is in New Zealand not celebrating Thanksgiving at all.  But, we have BEN!’s twin brother David with us. Now we have had all of BEN!’s siblings (except for his youngest brother Eric) stay with us.

large family large family large family

Adalia is our first married child, and I think most of the time I take it for granted that her new family is now our family. We love BEN!, his mom, his siblings, his oma. When Aaron and Claire and Jason and David have visited it has seemed so natural. They fit right in.

When I stop and think about it, there are plenty of people in the world who I don’t care to spend time with…I mean think about…BEN! grew up in New Zealand and Adalia in the US.  What are the chances of those two meeting and falling in love? What are the chances of our families meeting and loving each other? Not a very likely connection, but it has worked. We love BEN!’s family and have savored every opportunity to get to know them better.

My future grandchildren will grow up in New Zealand, the child of a farrier and blacksmith. Their life will be completely different from mine and my children. Today I am thankful for health and family. The family that is bound by blood and the family that build on marriage.


  1. Vivian

    i know you have had a wonderful day and every time i pull up your blog i think of all the blessings you have shared with us and i smile!
    thank you for sharing! God Bless

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