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Thanksgiving Peek

IMG_1612_8890 blog

New Games.

IMG_1643_8918 blog

Smiling man.

IMG_1647_8921 blog

Chopping onions.

IMG_1653_8925 blog

Cute boys.

IMG_1660_8932 blog

Focused children.

IMG_1666_8938 blog
Braiding hair.


Sick baby.

And full hearts. 

One year ago today, we announced to our children, our family, and the world in general that we were expecting our Magnum Opus. And here he is…almost five months old.  Adorable. Sweet. Loved beyond measure. 

Named for an early disciple, he also shares his name with  a space mission, and a greek god….don't think I haven't asked myself more than once why we didn't choose a more mild name like…I don't know…Peaceful River or Tranquil Rain…

He's brought more excitement to our life than we could have ever imagined…and I wouldn't change a minute of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Beth

    Your blog continues to be one of my favorites 🙂 I am visual, and the pictures just make the story of your family! What a treasure.
    We, too, broke out the good ol’ board game, Monopoly, tonight. My husband whooped me and our 13 year old foster son… so much better than video games! Some of our other kids are getting old enough to play more board games. I’m thinking we may need a new weekly ritual!
    Hope Apollo is feeling better. Having a perpetually ill child is so very frustrating! I have been there.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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