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The Wild {North} West

IMG_6426_2988 blog

Yep, we sure do grow ’em hearty here in the Pacific Northwest!

IMG_6428_2989 blog

Never mind that the temperature was only in the mid forties and it was wet, wet, wet.

IMG_6429_2990 blog

It didn’t slow my little would be Native Americans down  a bit. 

IMG_6425_2987 blog

Actually, they are Native American. My great grandma was a quarter Cherokee, Avi is part Chocktaw and Mordecai, I’m not sure but his birth mom said he’s got Native American blood as well.

IMG_6434_2995 blog

How would you like to run into him in the forest? Scary, huh?

IMG_6445_3005 blog

And boy are they loud!

IMG_6449_3009 blog

And then there’s Avi…

IMG_6450_3010 blog

Did I ever tell you I once got a nasty comment about how cruel it was to post pictures of Avi making goofy faces…

IMG_6452_3012 blog
…and how it meant I didn’t really love her?

IMG_6451_3011 blog

So let me state for the record, I love her to piece and think she’s the cutest five year old girl this side of the Mississippi.

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  1. Ruth

    I love the pictures of Avi!! My kids were in the wet back yard yesterday killing worms and drying them out. YUCK!! The were pretending it was their only food supply. Glad they didn’t really eat them.

  2. Anna

    How could anyone say such a terrible thing when it is obvious how much joy Avi brings to you and the rest of your family??? And to us readers? Some kids like goofy faces and the happier they are, the goofier their faces!

  3. Delia Brands

    I think her fun faces are a brilliant part of who she is – she brings joy to everyone who gets to see her express herself and I, for one, appreciate each & every photo of her fantastic funny faces! I think she inspires everyone around her to be more open with their emotions -thank you, Avi!

  4. Josie

    I can’t help thinking about Lord of the Flies, the movie. And for the record, I think your love for all your children transcend the screen through your gorgeous pictures and stories.

  5. Jo

    You know, I guess its okay to THINK certain things to oneself, but to voice them is just sometimes rude. When things are matters of opinion, well they are like belly buttons and other things, we all have them and no one wants to see ours. Or hear. I mean, on rotten, rude opinions. Now even saying “you shouldnt post goofy pics” okay opinion, but you dont love her??? Thats just insanity in a can! I cant imagine you NOT loving any one of your kids, how can you logically and purposefully have 14 if you dont love them? I am laughing because it was sorta silly and thinking how good it is that you can just say, well I do love her and let it go. Thats very big of you. oh and I love the pics my mama has of me making crazy faces, it was my nature.

  6. Kimberly

    How sad that someone would say something like that about your silly-faced pictures of sweet Avi! Good photographs are supposed to be more than still shots with forced smiles… You have taken beautiful images that capture her wild and fun spirit perfectly. And I, for one, appreciate that you are willing to share her gorgeous (albeit silly) self with the world!

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