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2017-2018 School Year: Running Start, Public School, Homeschool

2017-2018 First day of school.

2017-2018 School Year: Running Start, Public School, and Homeschool

Three brothers reading. 2017-2018 First day of school.

While fall isn’t technically here yet, the nights are cool and the mornings cooler. School is back in session for (almost) everyone. Over the ten years that I have been blogging our family has expanded and contracted. We have done homeschooling, public school, parent partnerships, community college, and university.

This year I have eight kids at home attending five different schools. While I wish life (and everyone in my life) would just follow the plan, reality means doing what is best for each child each year.

2017-2018 First day of school.

Enoch and Kalina are both attending community college through the Running Start program. Enoch is a senior and Kalina a junior.

This is the same program that Iris, Judah, and Tilly have all graduated from.

2017-2018 First day of school.
2017-2018 First day of school.

Mordecai and Jubilee just started their freshman year in high school. High School…can you believe it? Both are attending our local public high school.

2017-2018 First day of school.

Hezekiah is in 8th grade at our local junior high and Avi and Tucker are in sixth grade at our elementary school.

And Apollo?

This year Apollo is part of a parent partnership program. He will attend classes two days a week and homeschool the other three. We see this as the perfect balance between practicing his independence from me (thanks to our old friend, anxiety) and benefitting from homeschooling and a shorter school week.

2017-2018 First day of school.
2017-2018 First day of school.

Today was Apollo’s first day of school and he was so excited to go. He hopped out of the van and ran into the school without looking back!

Meanwhile, we have been homeschooling using many of the same materials I used with his older siblings.

What is the school plan in your home this year? 





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  1. Sarah Clark-Wamuhiu

    Is the parent partnership through a public school or private? I would love to have an option like that but the only option I’ve found is through a private school and the price is too much for us. Its great to hear that everyone has options that work for them!

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