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Awkward Moments…

Strange Conversations about Heaven and All Around General Craziness…curly hair toddler, curly haired toddler, toddler curly hair, curly haired boy, large family, large family blog, camping large family, camping pacific northwest, tubie, g-tube, vascular ring, double aortic arch

Seriously, who  wakes up with hair looking this perfect on a campout? Apollo, that’s who.

Large Family Life provides ample opportunity, it seems, for awkward moments, humiliation and just plain old laughter. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me share:

Awkward Moment Number One:

While driving in the van,  getting ready to feed Apollo…

Apollo: No, no, don’t pull on my tube!

Enoch: I’m not going to…I’m just going to reach into your pants and get it out.

Awkward Moment Number Two:

While playing LEGO Apollo said to Jubilee: Hey, I’m a hoarder! Because look at this big mess [in his LEGO house]!

Strange Conversations about Heaven Part One:

During a recent conversation about heaven between Apollo and Chuck:

Apollo: And will we be able to drink milk {in heaven}?

Chuck: Yeah, in heaven you can drink milk if you want!

Apollo: Oh, cause God’s nice, right?

Strange Conversations about Heaven Part Two:

Apollo: Tilly must love popcorn, because God loves popcorn so that means Tilly has to.

General Craziness: 

One of my children recently noticed the label on the bottle of antibiotic ointment prescribed for a one of Apollo’s g-tube infections:

g-tube, tubie, large family, large family blog

And since you can’t read the entire label, I will read it for you:


Wow, no wonder he still gets occasional g-tube infections, we’ve been using it wrong this entire time!

And just yesterday I went to pick up a refill of Apollo’s reflux medicine. There is only one pharmacy in our city that compounds medicine for g-tubes…After bringing out the box of medicine the woman looked at it and said: “Do you want me to mix this for you?”

I was *so* close to looking her in the eye with a big smile and saying, “No, actually, I have a  pharmacuetical compounder at home, I’ll just mix it myself”


And finally, while driving in the van the other day, with Apollo beyond tired…you know what I mean, tired to the point where nothing, nothing in the world would make him happy…not a new LEGO set, not a trip to Disney Land, not a cure for congenital heart defects…he said:

“Mama, will you knit me a hat?”

Me: Yes, Apollo.

Apollo: Knit me one right NOW!

Me: Apollo, I can’t, I’m driving in the van.

Apollo: Yes, you CAN! Just use your robot arms!

How about you? Any recent craziness you want to share? Feel free to leave a comment.



  1. Melissa

    Well, one of mine said (long ago, when he was Apollo’s age): “Why do we have elbows? And why does it rain? Oh, I know! ‘Cause God gets sad. And also it’s good for our plants!”
    Never did find out why we had elbows, though.

  2. Samantha

    My daughter, Kestrel, has just begun trying to say her name. But it is a tricky name for adults to say…and when she says it sounds like “Castro” And she likes talking in the 3rd person. “No tickle Castro.” “Castro want cheese” “Castro pooped”. I’ve been snickering all day.

    A couple days ago I had a doctor’s appt, and Kestrel was with me. She was very upset that the doctor listened to my lungs. The dr. explained that I was being very brave and it didn’t hurt me. Kestrel looked at us with this expression that clearly said, “Mommy is such a tool.” Later, I was telling my wife about this interaction…and Kestrel begins immediately saying, over and over again, “Mommy’s a tool; Mommy’s a tool.”

  3. liz

    I am so curious. Was the antibiotic cream really the wrong one? I am curious because there IS an antibiotic ointment that cardiac patients will put in their nostrils before heart surgery and then after to keep some germs out and try and prevent infection.

    I was curious if maybe it was the RIGHT med but wrong instructions? I know sometimes if there aren’t any specific instructions for application of the medicine(route) the pharmacy will just put on the most common. Not that THAT is good either.

    At work so many times I pick up a tube of cream that says “apply as needed”. Luckily i can look up their med list and usually figure it out. Not always though as I only work a couple shifts a month. It really is dangerous.

    So just curious what came of it?

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Liz, Apollo has taken that before his heart surgeries. This, however, was prescribed to be topical for his g-tube. We’ve even refilled it a couple of times…

  4. norma

    A little off topic sorry. We were not allowed to leave the hospital until we knew where to refill my sons compounded reflux meds so I call around our home town an hour away and find one that says yes woohoo we leave, the hospital supply ran out so I go to pick up refill and they give me a blister pack of pills to crush up and mix with water to “compound it myself” I left crying made it work for a few days then frustrated called the hospital pharmacy and they worked it out with insurance to pay for it again if I drove to pick it up, it was the most worth it hour drive ever.

  5. Anna

    I love how in large families, kids are aware of things that they wouldn’t be aware of if they just had a “normal” sized family. When my seven year old plays house, she always has five to ten dolls and a few siblings to make up her family and planned to have a large family herself some day. Until my dishwasher broke. Now she says she is going to have only four, just in case her dishwasher breaks. She doesn’t want to have to wash so many dishes by hand! My five year old chimed in with, “I’m going to be one of those church girls when I grow up and never be married so I don’t have to have any babies!” She meant a nun. When I asked her why, she raised her eyebrows, looked pointedly at my third trimester-sized belly and said, “Because, you know, the pain of childbirth?!?!” Duh, mom! She changed her mind about becoming a nun when I told her she probably couldn’t wear high heels, makeup, jewelry, and no one would see her fancy dresses. The funniest (so far today) was when my 11 and 10 yo sons were making plans for their Boy Scout popcorn fundraiser. They figured out young adorable Tigers have an easier time because no one can resist them. They decided to adopt the Baker’s Dozen philosophy of siblings helping siblings and enlist their adorable sister to achieve their goals-especially if she gazes at the people and says, “I just want to help my brothers go to camp!” But if they start saying things like, “We have nine kids in our family and I’m raising money for camp because my parents can’t afford to send us,” I may smack them. 😉 (not for real of course)

  6. Penny

    While camping, it’s perfectly acceptable and often necessary to pee and poop on the ground. Try explaining to a 3 year old when you get back home that it’s NOT ok to do it in the front yard.

  7. Elizabeth

    While helping my son move into his college dorm room this morning, we were talking about desks and where it should go and his roommate mentions that he does his work either on his bed or at the library. One of my ten year olds then says, “Homework? He’s not going to do homework, is he? Why would he do homework?” I answer that the reason he is going to college is to take classes and do school work. My 10 yo son looks as me horrified and says, “Really? That’s what you do in college? I’m not going!”

    Now, this child has a father who works for a university and has two older siblings in college. How this fact managed to escape him is beyond me.

  8. Christina

    The nostril part is true when they have a g-tube infection a bit inside the nose where the staph likes to start the process can cut down in repeated infections. Our says to both the nostrils and the tube site.

    My akward moment of the week was when K asked at a rare eating out trip said to the cashier “Can I have a boat tube please?” proceeded to lift her shirt and said ” “a Boat tube” she wanted the boat that came with the kids meals with her tube stuff in it.

  9. Amy L

    We were getting new tires on our van one day and my 2 year old started running around shouting “I want my titty, I want my titty”! My husband looked at me and said maybe it’s time to start weaning!

  10. Inga

    We drove past a farm this morning. My 11 yo dd asked, :”Mama, I forget, what’s cow?”
    I answered, “Cow is the female.”
    “No, Mama, I mean, what do you call it when it’s ham?”

  11. Michele P

    Oh, too many to choose! haha Our son adopted from Guatemala announced to a group a few days ago that he was the only brown one in our family. Poor people, they just never quite how to respond. 😉
    Love your kiddos! Someday maybe we will get to meet you in person!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Enoch (age 2.5) once told a family they should go look at our new baby Mordecai because “he’s a really black one!”

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