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Six Signs You May Actually Be a Crazy Cat Lady

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

It seems like in life people are either cat people or dog people. You either want a pet who adores you or a pet who allows you to live in its house as long as you feed it but will eat your face the first chance it gets. And judging from the pictures you sent in, I have a whole lot of Cat Lovers reading this blog.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

When I was growing up we usually had both. A dog and one or two fat, pampered, spoiled indoor cats. Then I left home, my parents moved, and gave my beloved Oliver away to friends. They didn’t have a cat again for two decades…But then.

My mom got a cat and very quickly began crossing over into the Crazy Cat Lady realm. As a Concerned Daugther, I came up with this quick checklist to see whether or not she is a Crazy Cat Lady.

Six Signs You Are Turning Into a Crazy Cat Lady

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

1. You Get a New Cat When You Current One Chooses a Different Person

Once upon a time, my mom talked my dad into letting her get a kitten. I was on her side on this one. Twenty catless years (at my dad’s insistence) I thought it was only fair that she got twenty years of catful living. But, the thing is, the first cat chose my dad as his person..not my mom.

My dad who, up until this point in his life, hated cats.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

So, my mom got a new kitten. But, the thing is, that kitten decided he didn’t need anyone. He’d just be his own Person.

So, obviously, my mom needed another cat…

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

2. You Search for Cats on Craigslist

Naturally, my mom did exactly what any crazy cat lady normal person would do, she began scouring Craigslist for cats. Soon she found a five (or six?) year old male in need of a home. The owner said he loved to sit on her lap and be petted

So my parents went to visit him but came back empty-kenneled.

“Well, she couldn’t catch him, so we’re going to go back another day and get him”.

“Wait,” I said. “You mean the cat who loves to be held and petted can’t be caught?”


I’ll admit, I had my doubts, but on the second try, the cat was acquired and named Kiowa. This brings me to my next warning sign.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

^^cat on catnip^^

3. You Have Enough Cats to Have a Legitimate Name Theme Going On

My mom named her first kitten Cherokee.

My mom named her second kitten Sequoyah.

My mom named her third kitten Kiowa.

If you have enough cats to have a legitimate name theme going on…you might be a crazy cat lady.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

4. You Need Multiple Kitty Litter Boxes

Three cats mean at least two kitty litter boxes that have to be cleaned daily. Realizing that my mom (and dad) might just have a Crazy Cat Lady problem on their hands, I packed a Crazy Cat Lady Gift Basket for them. In it, I included catnip, cat toys, a laser for the cats to chase, and LitterMaid® Premium Walnut cat litter.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

I have been using LitterMaid® Premium Walnut cat litter with my own cats and I like that it is 99% dust-free (I love this when changing the litter!) and fragrance-free (it is made with natural walnut shells). It neutralizes odors naturally and it has powerful clumping that makes cleaning up a breeze.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

Did you know that kitty litter was actually invented by accident? I learned this little fact on the Part-Time Genius podcast, Why Do Cats Get Such a Bad Rap? It’s actually a really cool story. Cleaning the litter box is never a favorite job here in our house but LitterMaid® Premium Walnut cat litter makes it a little less painful.

It was able to buy everything for the Crazy Cat Lady basket at Walmart in the pet aisle.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

The cats loved the basket I made for them and would not leave it alone!

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

5. You Have More Toys for Your Cat Than You Ever Did for Your (Grand)kids

When my kids were little, my mom had one small box of toys for the kids to play with at her house. When my grandma died, she added in the box of Barbies that my grandma had kept at her place for my kids. While my boys might sew their own clothing (or even dolls) they were never that into Barbies, so I eventually took over a box of LEGO bricks for the kids to play with.

Within a week of owning her first cat, my mom not only had cat toys of the store-bought variety but left paper grocery bags and wadded up paper in the living room for the cat to play with. As her cat collection grew, so did her cat paraphernalia. She now has cat beds, balls hanging from strings in random places, cat towers, and more. All. Over. The. House.

6. You No Longer Recycle

You now save all of your Amazon boxes and sprinkle them around the living room for the cats to enjoy. Because why worry about the health of the planet when your cat needs a box to lie in?

It is pretty obvious to me that many, many of my readers are aspiring to become Crazy Cat Ladies (and men…my dad wanted to make sure he was included). Here is a sampling of your lovely cats. Be sure and look at them all…we obviously have some very amusing cats in this group.

Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.  Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady. Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady. Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady. Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady. Signs you are becoming a crazy cat lady.

How many warning signs do you have?

Crazy Cat Lady Score:

1-2 You love your pets.

3-4 You are getting dangerously close to Crazy Cat Lady. Your cats probably sleep on your bed, your face, your computer. They are likely written into your will.

5-6 You have a full-blown case. The cats are probably already controlling your mind. You might as well get a few more. I hear Craigslist is a great place to get cats.










  1. Tanya Redfield

    Psst…I think it was a Freudian Slip when you said Littermaid makes cleaning the litter box ” a little less painless”, because hey, nothing could really make that job fun, right? But you might want to change that to “little less painful” before the Littermaid people get their feelings hurt. 😀

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